The Pittsburgh Penguins have been struck with injurys this season. First was Ales Hemsky with what was descirbeed as an upper body injury. Although it only lasted for the first two games Hemsky had missed the whole pre-season. The Pens went for a few games with a healthy lineup. Till Konokpa at the time he was centering the second line. Although he had been cleared for play his spot on the team had been taken by Christesen. Whitney has ledt the team for at least a week possibly two due to a facial laceration caused by a puck in the face. However the Pens final and biggest lost due to injury would be that of Cam Ward's broken leg. The team believes he is now out for the season. Team officals have repeatly said the team will not use this as an excuse. However it has been affecting the teams play dramatically. Although they are only 4 points from the playoffs the Pens play has been for lack of a better word, pathetic. Hewit has been rumored to be looking for a tender to finish the season if backup Mazim Oullet cannot carry the load. "I'm not going to unload the future of this team but if I find what I am looking for, you never know." Hewitt also commented on the Malkin rumors. "Its true we have been shopping him around. But we have decided that we are going to kep Malkin and make him the face of our franchise." As the world turns in Pittsburgh several rumors are either being leaked or made up. However Hewitt has made it clear that he will be sticking with Hitchcock among all contrary belief. Hitchcock has found it a little troublesome trying to motivate the team. However with the GMs help the Penguins roster will be waken up abrubtly. Mind you this might not be through trade but merely through demoting some players. Hitchcock and Hewitt re impressed by the efforts shown by the teams top 2 lines but are expecting more from the 3rd and 4th line. The coming weeks will be a testement on the likely hood of the Pens reaching the playoffs.