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Lightning Wingers in the NHL

A couple of weeks ago the i focused on the tampabay lightning centres detailing their stats in the nhl at that time along with their end of the season projections.  I also spoke about their roles on the team. This week it is the turn of the wingers!

I would like to first start off with the LW where we can find Tomas Fleischman, Dainus Zubrus, Sergei Samsonov and Jeff Tambalini.

Tomas Fleischman: GP 28 G 10 A 6 PTS 16              
Projected GP 81 G 28 A 17 PTS 45
Fleischman is a big part of the capitals offensive fire power and should be a top 6 winger for the lightning next season. We expect him to continue developping in washington and hope for him to be a consistent 50 to 60 point career player

Dainus Zubrus: GP 25 G 7 A 9 PTS 16
Projected GP 82 G 22 A 29 PTS 51
Zubrus is probably one of the most inconsistent players in the NHL but has loads of talent. He signed a big 5 year deal with the devils before last season and had a horrible year in the first year of the deal. The lightning expect him to continue bouncing back this season and be a consistent 50 point player throughout his contract

Sergei Samsonov: GP 28 G 3 A 8 PTS 11
Projected GP 82 G 8 A 23 PTS 31
Samsonov started of extremely slowly where he had something like 2 assists in his first 14 games but has recently turned things around. 45 points should not be out of reach for the remainder of his contact, anything more will be a welcomed surprise

Jeff Tambellini: GP 23 G 0 A 2 PTS 2
Projected: GP 23 G 0 A 2 PTS 2
Tambellini has had a horrible start to the season and was even sent down to the minors recently for conditioning. We still have high hopes for him for the future but a replacement LW will probably be needed for next season

Now that I've gone through the LW's i will now proceed with the lightning RW's who include Tuomo Ruutu, Sergei Kostitsyn, Chris Clark, Jeff Halpern and Matt Bradley.

Tuomo Ruutu: GP 25 G 9 A 6 PTS 15
Projected: GP 78 G 28 A 18 PTS 46
Ruutu is someone who i've always really liked and expected to do really well but has always been injured. This year he has been healthy and started off really strong at almost a point per game pace. Unfortunately he has slowed down of late but expect the canes to step things up with the new coach along with ruutu. 50 points should be expected along with a strong physical game

Sergei Kostitsyn:
GP 24 G 3 A 6 PTS 9 
Projected: GP 79 G 9 A 19 PTS 28
Kostitsyn has been very inconsistent this year and has found himself in Carboneau doghouse lately as he was sat 3 games the past 2 weeks. He is back to playing and with the injury to higgins should get a chance in an offensive role to prove and demonstrate his talent. This year may only reach the 35 point plateau but should be solid defensively and look for annual improvements from him

Chris Clark: GP 20 G 0 A 3 PTS 3
Projected: GP 20 G 0 A 3 PTS 3
Clark is having a horrendous offensive year and is currently injured. He should be back in december but i highly doubt he improves his offensive output to the level he was at the last few years. Probably a farm player next season

Jeff Halpern: GP 0 G 0 A 0 PTS 0
Projected: GP 0 G 0 A 0 PTS 0
Halpern has been injured all season long and should return shortly as he is expected back in mid december. Last season with the lightning he averaged almost a point a game while playing well defensively. We do not expect him to continue that pace this season however we do expect him to produce at a 45 point pace for an 82 game season while playing very solidly defensively.  Anxiously awaiting his return and he should be a solid 3rd like RW for a few years to come

Matt Bradley: GP 29 G 3 A 1 PTS 4
Projected: GP 82 G 8 A 2 PTS 10
Bradley will never put up big numbers however as long as he keeps on throwing hits while being defensivly responsible, he'll have spot on the 4th line with the lightning next season.

In the next couple of weeks, look for a report on the d-men and goalies of the lightning!