The Columbus Blue Jackets, fresh off a 3-1 win against arguably the worst team in the NEFHL, the Phoenix Coyotes, are set to host the Calgary Flames in a home-and-away series which starts tomorrow at Nationwide Arena. Sunday's win against the Yotes came despite the Jackets' line combinations being tampered with by league commissioner JD, who tried to sabotage the BJ's in the days leading up to the teams' encounter. Luckily, all roster issues have now been sorted out.

ABOVE: Todd Bertuzzi breaks down during his press conference.

Tuesday night's match-up will feature newly acquired right winger Todd Bertuzzi, who much to his dismay will be making his Jackets debut. In a press conference held earlier this afternoon, Bertuzzi broke down in tears when Columbus General Manager  Eric announced his signing to the crowd (see picture). "I'm 34, and at this point in my career all I wanted was to play for a club that had a chance of winning the Cup. With all due respect to the Jackets organization, they just don't have a shot this year. I really wish a different team had given me an offer, but it is what it is I guess", said Bertuzzi.

In a written response, GM Eric lashed out at his new star winger: "Who the hell does Bertuzzi think he is, anyways? He'll be paired up with Olli Jokinen and Ryan Malone; that's a pretty freaking good trio if you ask me! If those guys managed to click, they could easily carry us into the playoffs and beyond. I'm sad that Bert is dismissing our team without even playing a game with us. If he keeps up with the lip service, I'll make his life a living hell by sending him down to Syracuse".

Bertuzzi's signing was brought on by T.J. Oshie's injury during the Jackets' second game of the season (a 4-3 win again the Minnesota Wild). With Erik Christensen as the sole remaining offensive right winger, GM Eric had no choice but to dip into free agency to fill the void.

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