COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Only minutes after recording a 3-point night in the Jackets' 3-2 win over the Dallas Stars, centre Frans Nielsen was informed by Columbus General Manager Eric that he would be returned to the team's third line for the team's match next Sunday. This news infuriated Nielsen, who rushed to the General Manager's office and got into a war of words with his boss.

"I single-handedly won us the game tonight", said Nielsen during an interview moments ago. "It's a disgrace that I get demoted after a performance like that. I've put up 5 points over the past 2 games. What more am I supposed to do to get recognized around here?", he added.

Because of the recent injury to Jackets star Olli Jokinen, Nielsen was bumped up to the team's second line earlier this week and has performed admirably with linemates R.J. Umberger and Erik Christensen.

When asked to comment on his player's outburst, GM Eric had this to say: "Fransy is a good player and all, but the fact of the matter is that Olli is now back from injury and will return to our top line on Sunday. That means Bolland gets bumped back down to second line duties, and Fransy goes back to the third line where he belongs. I agree that he would probably be a #1 centre on any other team in the league, but on our Central-Division-leading squad he needs to know that his role is in the bottom six."

Tonight's win has indeed propelled the Jackets back to top spot in the Central Division, meaning they are ahead of Detroit and St. Louis in the overall standings.

-BJ Express