COLUMBUS, OHIO -- It has been exactly 100 years since the Columbus Blue Jackets last found themselves atop the Western Conference after the 30-game mark of the season. Tonight's win against the Phoenix Coyotes, however, has propelled the Jackets to the joint #1 spot alongside the Minnesota Wild. In terms of wins, the Jackets lead the Conference with 19. The team is also first in Goals Against at 92.

"We're shattering all these old club records that seemed totally out of reach earlier this year. We've got an incredible group of guys here and I would expect us to keep making headlines throughout the season", said GM Eric. In many ways, this year's squad resembles that legendary 1909 team that had been assembled by GM Eric's great grandfather. Both teams were built around a strong mix of offensive flair, defensive responsibility, and depth at goaltending. "The Jackets of 1909 were quite possibly the best hockey team to ever play in the NEFHL. I mean, they won the Cup without losing a single playoff game. If we can replicate that feat, it would be unbelievable", said Jackets captain and NEFHL historian Olli Jokinen.

Another big coincidence is that both the St. Louis Blues of 1909 and the Detroit Red Wings of 1909 were immense underachievers, just like this year's version of those two teams.

The 2009 Jackets have a busy schedule coming up: they play on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then get a few days break before facing Detroit for the Red Wings' annual "Boxing Day Massacre of the Red Wings" at Joe Louis Arena.

1909 Team Picture:

From Top Left to Right: Laasuu Jokinen, Wilfrid Malone, Arnie McClement, Fitzgerald Niedermayer, Henry "Hank" Umberger, A.J. Oshie, Johnson Bayda, Sir Thomas Brewer, Mats Steen, Barney Bolland, Patrick Klein, Chawn Morrisonn, Magnus Frogren, coach Butch Sutter.

Bottom Left to Right: Neebuu Toskala, Fredrich Nielsen, Joseph "The Paralyzer" Bertuzzi, Dick Adams, Réjean Rivet.

-BJ Express