After a dissapointing season it seemed that Kucherov was unhappy in Columbus and wished to be moved due to the franchises lack of success with him. The Jackets organization also felt the need to move on and start a retool phase and get a new, younger face of the franchise to take his place. A deal was recently struck with the Winnipeg Jets and Kucherov will be sent with Elias Lindholm in return for young superstar Jack Eichel. 

The offer was actually up in the air for a while as both teams continued to explore the market for the all the players involved. Both gms felt the need to do their due dilligence and look at other potential deals to be made instead of just taking an offer right away. In the end it was obviously seen by both clubs that this deal was the best one for both organizations as the Jets look to win now while the Jackets look to continue to build their squad up with youth. Eichel will now be the Blue Jackets franchise piece and he has some interesting young players already around him on the roster. The youth already on the roster include Dylan Strome, Max Jones, Cale Fluery, Gustav Forsling, and a few more intersting pieces. What is clear right now is that Eichel lacks a young "wingman" of sorts to help him carry the team. Strome could potentially be that guy but as of right now he isn't. With the draft coming up soon don't be surprised if the Jackets make more moves to help build a good core around Eichel.