When news circulated that the Philadephia Flyers had assembled a "goon squad" for games against the Pittsburgh Penguins this season, it did not take long for Pens personale to bite back.  

"Liam O'Brien? Who is that?" asked captain Sidney Crosby. 

Recently signed Nicolas Deslaurier was all smiles when asked about the report. 

"I relish those kinds of games.  I'll eat those fools for breakfast," the winger stated. 

Ryan "the Lomberghini" Lomberg also had a strong message for the Flyers, "If anyone in orange and black touches Sid or Ovy or Geno, it'll be the last thing they do this season. That's a promise." 

Head coach Craig Berube laughed at the prospects of competing against the "goon squad". 

"I am pretty sure that particular squad has a combined SC rating of 23.  Not to mention an overall speed of approximately 67.  We would skate circles around that group.  So yeah, go ahead and dress that garbage heap of a lineup," said the coach. 

The battle of Pennsylvania is destined to be a good one this year.  There's no secret that there has been some animosity between the two clubs over the years, from player personale all the way up to upper management. 

When asked why there was so much hated towards the Flyers, Crosby had this to say, "Because I don't like them.  I don't like any guy on their team."

Last season the Penguins built their team around heavy IT players.  With the emergence of some of the Pens younger spects, the expectation is that the team will be more skilled than thick. 

"Our young guys will have to be ready for when we play Philly.  Our leadership group will make sure that they are more than prepared." 


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