Power Rankings

It’s time for the 2022 edition of the Hoover Power Rankings! I’m going to start here with the preamble, how the rankings are assembled, and then taking inspiration from Graham, I’m going to break the rankings up into smaller groups with slightly longer write-ups than in past years.  

And speaking of Graham, I’d like to give a big thank you for sharing his prospect rankings with me before having finished putting them all up. His prospect rankings are the ones used for the purpose of these power rankings. I made no adjustments or put further consideration into a team’s prospects. Thank you, Graham!

The ratings are set as of September 20, 2022. Trades/signings after that date will not impact the rankings, but likely will mention within the writeup. 

Each category has each team ranked 1-32. The following calculation determined the final rankings:

(Key*2) + Core + Depth + Offense + Defense + (Intangibles/2) + Goal + (Cap/2) + (Prospects/2) + (Hoover*3) = Final score

I’ve come up with formulas for a players offensive rating, defensive rating, intangibles and a JHAOV rating from those categories. The JHAOV is close to the league’s AOV in many instances but has its own variances. I believe more accurate to a player’s usefulness. Players are sorted by that rating. Here is how each category is calculated:

Key – the combined JHAOV of the team’s top 5 rated skaters.

Core – the combined JHAOV of the team’s top 10 rated skaters.

Depth – the combined JHAOV of the team’s top 20 rated skaters.

Offense – the combined offense rating of the team’s top 15 rated skaters. SC*5+PA*4+PC*4+SP+ST+SK.

Defense – the combined defense rating of the team’s top 15 rated skaters. DF*5+IT+SP+ST+PC.

Intangibles – the combined intangibles rating of the team’s top 15 skaters. IT+EN+DU+DI+PC+LD.

Goal – (starter rating*3) + backup rating + 3rd string*0.1

Cap – Salary of top 20 skaters plus top 2 goalies

Prospects – Graham’s prospect rankings

Hoover – I ranked the teams based on the ratings, then reviewed and made some adjustments to who I thought should get bumped up/down. Despite the *3, my opinion had little impact on the rankings as I did start with the stat based rankings as my base. This is entirely subjective, giving favour to things such as good balance between forward/defense/goal, players I think might see rating improvements over the year, or being in a good position to add players as needed.

The grades are on a bell curve. For every category there is 2 A+ and 3 of every other grade. 

None of this is perfect, and it slightly evolves each season, so please give feedback, positive or negative, and will try to take constructively to improve future editions. I also take questions.

Thank you all and hope you enjoy 😊