32: St. Louis 

Key: F, Core: F, Depth: F, Offense: F, Defense: F, Intangibles: F, Goal: F, Cap: A+, Prospects: A-, Hoover: F.

Just like Graham started his articles with the Flyers at last overall, I'll return the favour and start with the Blues as last overall. Although in this case, it's probably something to be proud of.

The Blues have put together one of the worst lineups we've seen in the NEFHL, showing they've really mastered the tank game. Dougie Hamilton is their big star player, but up front their 1st line could be some teams 4th lines, where the rest of them are barely worthy of a pro opportunity. They are not going to score many goals, nor stop many. Craig Anderson and Carter Hutton is a garbage tandem. Blues have done an exceptional job of putting together such a bad roster. Right now doing their best to secure a top pick, perhaps even the coveted 1st overall.

To be the worst is a competitive battle in the NEFHL. It takes skill to lose games while still appeasing JD and his attempt to make every team fight for a playoff spot. Graham, no matter what, make sure you keep saying you are trying to be competitive and it's just not working well. ;)

Although the Blues have the best shot at being last place, there is still the draft lotto, and luck that will be involved with standings. Lots at play, but doing their best to fail forward. The next article will tackle a few of their competitors for last place.