31: Seattle

Key: F, Core: F, Depth: F, Offense: F, Defense: F, Intangibles: C, Goal: F, Cap: A, Prospects: C, Hoover: F.

The expansion Kraken took a wise approach to drafting their lineup, focusing on future assets. They've signed a couple vets to overpayments to help reach the league floor. They will take a few seasons to be ready to turn the corner, but it appears they are taking the appropriate patient approach to team building. Some top picks will need to be part of how they build a winner. In the meantime, they have zero stars, with their top players being Voracek, Reilly Smith, Olofsson and Mikheyev, but they do have a lot more depth than the Blues and have pro rated players throughout the lineup. Holtby is the starter for now but Georgiev is a guy that be taking that role over before end of season. Sheary was a good offseason add and should be a valuable long term asset. Jason Spezza also helps to make them meet the cap floor. 

What the Kraken have been doing is adding picks. They have a couple extra 2nds and 3rds next draft, plus bonus 4th to boot. It's going to take a lot of work and good management to build up the expansion franchise, but the GM is showing to make some wise moves so far and setting them up for long term success. How many years of losing can they handle until demand for a more competitive roster happens?