27: Boston

Key: F, Core: D, Depth: C-, Offense: C, Defense: C, Intangibles: C-, Goal: B, Cap: A-, Prospects: B, Hoover: D.

The new Bruins GM has gone out and added some talent, like Scheifele up front and Myers on defense. Both are UFA to be, but one could make an excellent loyalty signing to use as longer term piece. The other will be moved at the deadline for the best deal that comes their way. Both have hefty salaries to meet the cap floor. They also added Palmeiri who will make over $4 million this season. This is a tank season for Boston, a franchise in need of a fresh start. They do have this coming 1st round pick fortunately, so great opportunity to start building upwards. There is a ton of work to do in Boston to bring them back to legitimacy. 

28: San Jose

Key: C-, Core: C-, Depth: D, Offense: D, Defense: B, Intangibles: C-, Goal: C-, Cap: A-, Prospects: C+, Hoover: D.

Sharks dealt both Ovi and Barkov to spark their rebuild, adding two 2022 1sts, along with other assets, in the process. I'm assuming the assets they added in those deals, who are their new best players with Hartl and Benn coming in up front and Theodore on defense, will all be moved during the season as teams find cap space to be able to offer an interesting enough return for San Jose to consider. Oettinger is one of the best young goalies and Sharks will look to surround him with some young talent to build themselves back into a contender position. It might not take too long with how they've setup the franchise.