The Hoover rankings are out and the Pittsburgh Penguins have been recognized 12th best team in the NEFHL.  According to "Jamie the Great", the Penguins boast one of the most impressive youth groups in the league, having earned a solid A.  Unfortunately for the flightless birds, that appears to be about it.  Despite having three of the greatest players to ever lace up a skate boot, the Penguins received an abysmal C+ Core score. 

"Hoover realizes that Ovy is the most successful player in NEFHL history... right?" said two-way forward Brandon Hagel. 

"I don't know what that lefty is smoking, but I am betting it is some good stuff," added the outspoken sparkplug, Ryan "The Lomberghini" Lomberg. 

Despite the embarrassing core ranking, the Penguins appear to be too hot to handle in preseason.  With wins against the almighty Buffalo Sabres and the juggernaut Vancouver Canucks, hockey critics are beginning to question why the Pens are ranked so much lower than both squads? 

"We sure showed them.  I think it is clear that we are a darkhorse team this year.  We are totally okay with that.  We have had some tough seasons lately, but we came on strong towards the end of last season.  Safe to say if we had Alex last year we would have made the playoffs," stated defender Evan Bouchard. 

Pittsburgh has a second date with the Buffalo Sabres this evening in what should be an exciting matchup.  Ovy and Geno lit the Sabres up last time around and look to continue that trend.  

The Russian duo skated this morning alongside youngster Seth Jarvis during the preskate flow.  Meanwhile, Sidney Crosby worked with youngsters Lucas Raymond and Brandon Hagel. 


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