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2019 Wild RFA/Loyalty

Draft is over, UFA time is about to start. Before we get to that, let’s look at the RFA period.


Did not qualify: Christian Djoos, Chandler Stephenson, Ryan MacInnis

‘’With Djoos, we felt like he wouldn’t be more than a bottom pairing guy. He’s young but seems like he’s been passed over a little on the depth charts for his NHL team. Coming off an injury, his ratings for 2019-2020 aren’t great. He’s gotta go through waivers, so that was factored into re-signing him or not as well. We kinda just got tired of waiting for him. He quickly found a home in Buffalo and we wish him luck.’’

‘’Chandler Stephenson is another depth guy we let go. We had a few players in that mold already and coming up. We wish him luck in Philly on his new 4 year deal.’’

‘’MacInnis has been a disappointment. I think he can carve out a role in the bottom 6 eventually. We like our NHL bloodlines but he hasn’t shown enough to keep a contract spot reserved for him especially with guys coming up. He remains unsigned in NEFHL and probably stays that way unless he impresses in an NHL training camp.’’


RFA/Loyalty signings

Corey Perry: Loyalty Signing. I wanted 2 years closer to 1.5m originally. Perry was thinking 2mil. We settled at 1.75 x 3. I hope he can rebound in DAL so he provides me with a veteran offensive punch. If not, I may have a 175k sitting on the farm.

Alex Chiasson: Took our first offer. I feel like 2 x 1.65 is lower than what he should be paid. Was surprised he accepted. Has surprisingly decent ratings. Would be getting paid much more if he were UFA. 

Ben Thomas: 1 year show me deal. 

David Kampf: recently re-signed with NHL Blackhawks on a 1 way 2 year deal. Good bottom 6 option. Occasionally shows some flashes here and there but probably stays in the bottom 6. Re-signed for 550k x 1 here.

Kevin Labanc: 4 years at 950k. This has the potential to be a steal of a contract. We have high hopes for Labanc going forward and consider him a core player at this point in time.

Michael Bunting: Doing the yo-yo thing in NHL with the callups. We re-signed him for 600k for 1 year. Depth option. We want to see if there’s another gear here.

Ondrej Kase: We consider Kase a core member of our young forward group. We wanted to get him signed to a 4 year deal under 2 mil. We managed to agree on a 1.99m deal for 2 years. Toughest negotiation of the RFA period for me. Expected an offer sheet on this one. Wouldn't have made a difference, I would have matched.

Ryan Graves: 1 year at 900k. We want to see what happens with him and where he fits into the COL depth chart. I feel like he has some untapped offense even though he’ll never be an offensive guy or a go-to guy on a roster.

Zach Bogosian: End of the line for him on this 1.6 x 2 deal. Takes him to UFA. We need stop-gap bodies on D while we rebuild and transition the D.



Minnesota Wild trade Gabriel Gagne, MIN 2020 Rnd 5 and $1,000,000 to Winnipeg Jets for Erik Gudbranson


‘’Gagne hasn’t developed and while we could afford to keep him on the roster for a year as a ‘show me’ prospect we felt it was the right time to move him. We needed defensemen. Gudbranson will play a bottom pair role. 1 mil is to help out a fellow GM. There’s been some chirping about using a 5th for ‘waiver fodder’ but I had six picks in the 2019 5th round so I could afford to lose a 5th here. I’ll likely recover that 5th closer to the draft.’’


Minnesota Wild trade Anthony Angello to New York Rangers for Vili Saarijarvi

‘’Simple enough. We moved a guy we felt had a chance at being a bottom 6 with a couple more years of development for a guy we felt has a chance to play on D with some more development. Just a positional thing.’’


Minnesota Wild trade Boo Nieves and Clark Bishop to Ottawa Senators for Tyler Bozak and $2,000,000


‘’We think Boo has reached his growth limit and Bishop can claim a role as a depth guy. We picked up an older, more highly rated player as a stop gap until guys like Poeling, McLeod, Zegras, Evans, etc can make the team. Getting 2 mil back was nice too.’’


Minnesota Wild trade Manuel Wiederer, Pascal Laberge and Tanner Kaspick to Anaheim Ducks for ANA 2021 Rnd 6


‘’Just clearing out bodies on this one. Really disappointed in Laberge. We liked him a lot. He’s been crap after being drafted. Kaspick is a longshot in my mind. Wiederer is a wildcard. I think he plays in the NHL eventually, probably not in a scoring role.’’


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