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2020 NHL / NEFHL Wild draft review

Different draft this year. I think we can all agree on that. A lot of uncertainty where guys would go without scouts viewing 2nd half of seasons, playoffs, international tournaments, etc. Scouting reports from different publications had wide ranging opinions on prospects. The NHL completed their 2020 draft yesterda. Some definite surprises in the first round. Some names I’ve never heard of at all sprinkled through the mid/late rounds, even after hours of research in guides and from browsing the web.

So how did a no-name hockey fanboy in a sim league do compared to the paid professional scouts of NHL teams? Let’s have a look.


1-16. Wild, Dylan Holloway // 1-14 Edmonton Oilers (+2)

Interesting pick here from Edmonton. Has the potential to be on a line with McDavid and/or Draisaitl in a few years. Liking that potential a lot.

1-19. Wild,Lukas Reichel // 1-17 Chicago Blackhawks (+2)

Absolutely love this. Very high on Reichel. If this kid played in the CHL he'd be a top 15 pick. Played well in German men's league. Good situation in Chicago with leaders like Toews, Kane. Potential to be on a line with Dach for a long time.


2-50. Wild, Emil Heineman // 2-43 Florida Panthers (+7)

Might see him in Florida sooner than expected. Known as a versatile player that can be plugged in anywhere. Has size, speed, 2way ability. Crushed his league last year but isn't known for offense. I think he's a player whether the offense translates or not.


4-112. Wild, Thimo Nickl // 4-104 Anaheim Ducks (+8)

Defenseman that keeps his head up during the play, walks the line well, but needs work on the defensive side. Common for defenseman at this age.


6-158. Wild, Josh Nodler // 2019 5-150 Calgary Flames

Drafted in 2019, this forward's D+1 year got him an invite to 2020 Team USA summer showcase. 


6-163. Wild, Mason Millman // 2019 4-103 Philadelphia Flyers

Drafted in 2019, this defenseman's D+1 year was an offensive explosion and has skyrocketed in the Flyers depth chart. Could be a sleeper D prospect like Ryan Graves was for a few years for me, and how Tarmo Reunanen is looking for me now. 


6-174. Wild, Jaydon Dureau // 5-147 Tampa Bay Lightning (+27)

Described as an underrated part of Jarvis' point production, this forward is going to a great drafting and development organization in Tampa. Hopefully he pans out.


7-205. Wild, Bear Hughes // 5-148 Washington Capitals (+27)

A really nice personal story, hoping he can make it.


Based on where the professional paid scouts for their respective teams identified the following drafted players, it looks like this hockey fanboy in a sim league was able to get good value on every pick just by looking at the draft board results. There is no guarantee of success for any of these prospects.

It was nice to see my late picks all go by the end of round 5. It is the first time I have had all my selections get drafted to the NHL. I had much less picks this year than in previous years.