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Devils in the 2020 WJC

Three Devils prospects made their respective WJC teams for America, Russia and Sweden. Those three players are forward Shane Pinto and defensemen Daniil Misyul and Tobias Bjornfot. Pinto and Misyul are both older players and I didn't expect them to make the teams, while as a 2001 Bjornfot is still only 18 and after his early stint with the Kings the hope was he would be released from the AHL to the tournament.

So far the tournament has had different results for each player, as Pinto exploded scoring 6 points in his first two games and so far has 7 points in 4 games overall. He's showing a lot of promise after being selected 48th overall in last years draft. He was a somewhat safe pick in it seemed he didn't have the highest of upside and was going to be more of a checking line player but maybe this offense is something to dream on in hopes Pinto turns into a higher end NEFHL player. Getting an all around player in the 2nd round would be huge, especially in a draft that the Devils traded their 1st to get multiple later picks. With 8 shots and 4 goals obviously that's unsustainable but so far it just looks like Pinto might be a good player who plays a pro game.

Daniil Misyul is the Russian defender although he has been seeing very limited minutes. As a sort of unknown defensive guy that's sort of expected. At under 14 minutes a game he's not going to get a lot of chances to show much although he does have 12 penalty minutes so far. As a 3rd round pick at 76th overall, really anything Misyul does will be a bonus in terms of his development. If he ends up being a bottom pairing guy or even a fill in injury replacement the team won't be too upset about that. Hopefully he ends up coming to NA sooner than later to get used to rink sizes and playstyles but for now being in Russia isn't a big deal.

Finally, Tobias Bjornfot exploded on the scene in preseason with the Kings and has since been sent to the AHL and based on his stats in this WJC he still has a lot of room for development. Like Misyul he is getting bottom pairing minutes, at 16 minutes a game, and is also the owner of an empty statline with a -3 rating and only 1 shot on goal. He's still very young and should be able to come back and play again as long as he's not in the NHL. At this point as a late 1st (and early 2nd in NEFHL) he has a lot of time for development and the team hopes he can join the likes of Girard, McAvoy and Chychrun on the defensemen side of the Devils.

As a side note, notable omission from team Canada is the teams 3rd round pick from 2019, Adam Beckman - selected at 65th overall. So far in the WHL he's having an incredibly productive season with 27 goals and 57 pionts in 34 games, good for first in the league at the moment. Maybe even more impressive is he seems to be doing it with fairly limited help as he is 17 points ahead of the next player on his team, 15 goals ahead of the next player as well. As another late 2001 birthday the team is very excited about him blossoming like this. Obviously Canada is stacked every year so not everyone can make the team but hopefully next year he can have a chance.