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Rangers got striked by sim god

That was really a surprise this morning when Rangers GM Kaminski woke up late. "At first we have been really surprised to see a games day at the scores page, then we were smiling as we won a game against the high level Flames but suddenly we have been feeling some strange thoughts coming into my head. Why the fuck do we have a sim day on saturday? So the first look was at the message board thread which announces simming changes called "Simming schedule modification and trade deadline". And again no sign for a saturday sim. As we saw that Bryan Rust played, we immediately got the bad idea that this was an illegal roster as we havent been prepared for a saturday sim at all. So we were curious and saw that we got striked by the league. Thats uncool, as no announcement was made and we clearly didnt look at the schedule each day", Kaminski explained.

So it was a mixed feeling this morning: Getting a strike for this is disppointing, but beating the high calibre Flames was juicy. Especially as the sim god and Flames GM called us out during the offseason for some secret reasons. So deep in our soul we feel that he disliked us, but that cant be true as he always assumes that he handles each team fair and we always try to believe him. Man, he is the sim god and the creator of the best sim hockey league. So dont trust him is a mistake. A huge mistake.

And just for the record: Taking out Jonathan Marchessault for a couple of games doesnt satisfy us as much as we are sad to get a strike for. So we still have the hope that the sim god take back the strike, but maybe he was just angry by losing the game and Marchessault. But we dont want to believe that. We dont want. We dont want. We dont want......No, we really dont want!!! Rags forever!!!!