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2018-19 Power Rankings

2018 NEFHL Hoover Rankings!

Few things about the ratings:

Key grade is your top 5 players. This category has the largest weight towards the final rankings. There is a formula to determine the value of your players.

Core grade is your top 10 players. Depth is your top 20 players.

Offensive grade is based off your core; however, defensive and intangible grades are based off of depth. Intangibles have the least impact on final rankings.

Goaltending is a simple formula of starter ratings x3 + backup ratings.

Salary cap is a reflection of your teams current salary cap.Prospect grade is taken directly from JD’s prospect ratings earlier in the off-season. Trades since that time were not considered and that ranking was used without further inspection. These two grades had a limited weight towards the final ranking.

Hoover grade is my review of your squad. I took into consideration things such as durability of top players, mix of offensive and defensive players, and a few other details, such as star power in the case of Ovechkin.

All grades are on a bell curve and have the same grade structure. There were points awarded for your grade. A formula including all of the grades (to varied weighting) is what ends up creating these rankings.

Without further ado, let us start with the best this year:

1. Colorado - KEY: A+, CORE: A+, DEPTH: A, OFFENSIVE: A+, DEFENSIVE: A+, INTANGIBLES: C, GOALTENDING: A, SALARY CAP: C-, PROSPECTS: C+, HOOVER: A+. If trying to find a complaint about this roster, it's that Mike Hoffman isn't that great of a 2nd line winger… Gibson does have 75DU, which isn't terrible, but that could be a concern as well if Khubodin needs more starts. Otherwise this is a star studded lineup with McDavid, MacKinnon, Wheeler, Zibanejad, Subban, and Hedman! Woh. Best lineup heading into the season.

2. Vancouver - KEY: A, CORE: A, DEPTH: A, OFFENSIVE: A-, DEFENSIVE: A, INTANGIBLES: B+, GOALTENDING: A+, SALARY CAP: C, PROSPECTS: A, HOOVER: A. Vancouver has tons of talent with Hall leading the way, plus have some of the best prospects in the league and may be able to make some upgrades as the season goes on without mortgaging the future. Vancouver will be looking to make some strides this season.

3. Florida - KEY: A, CORE: A, DEPTH: A+, OFFENSIVE: A, DEFENSIVE: B, INTANGIBLES: C-, GOALTENDING: C-, SALARY CAP: C+, PROSPECTS: A, HOOVER: A. There are some standout offensive players throughout the lineup, plus a ton of good prospects they can use to upgrade as the season goes on. They even have a little bit of cap flexibility. Their goaltending is below average, but Florida has the makings to be a serious contender this season.

4. St. Louis - KEY: B+, CORE: A-, DEPTH: C+, OFFENSIVE: B+, DEFENSIVE: A-, INTANGIBLES: C-, GOALTENDING: B, SALARY CAP: C, PROSPECTS: C, HOOVER: A-. Very strong at centre. Petry was a good pickup for the Blues, giving them an excellent top four on defense too. They will be able to shutdown most teams with the way this roster is setup. Couturier having elite level defense with strength and offense to boot helps give lots of lineup options. St Louis will be a competitive team, and they have a few good prospects and some cap wiggle room to boot.

5. NY Rangers - KEY: B+, CORE: A-, DEPTH: A-, OFFENSIVE: B+, DEFENSIVE: A-, INTANGIBLES: B, GOALTENDING: C, SALARY CAP:      C+, PROSPECTS: D, HOOVER: B+. Ranger’s forwards are excellent. Two-way leadership from Dustin Brown and William Karlsson is ready to step in as a true sniper. They do have a shallow defense, but the forwards should be more than capable of making up for that. They are good in both zones and will challenge for the Eastern championship.

6. Calgary - KEY: A-, CORE: A-, DEPTH: A-, OFFENSIVE: A, DEFENSIVE: C-, INTANGIBLES: F, GOALTENDING: A-, SALARY CAP: C-, PROSPECTS: A-, HOOVER: A. Lots of depth up front and on defense. Nice mix of speed, strength, defense, passing and scoring. Calgary has some prospects to move if they do choose to upgrade to take a serious run at the cup.

7. Washington  - KEY: A-, CORE: B+, DEPTH: C+, OFFENSIVE: C, DEFENSIVE: B, INTANGIBLES: A-, GOALTENDING: B, SALARY CAP: A-, PROSPECTS:     C-, HOOVER: A-. Ovi is a beast. Holy crap eh? Seguin as the secondary sniper and the Caps don't need much more. Well, they don't have a ton more after that really, but those two will do some damage! These two will do more than I think the rest of the ratings may reflect, so I'll up the Caps a bit with my own ranking. They also have lots of cap room at this time to make upgrading easier.

8. Ottawa - KEY: A, CORE: A, DEPTH: C-, OFFENSIVE: A, DEFENSIVE: C-, INTANGIBLES: D, GOALTENDING: C, SALARY CAP: C-, PROSPECTS: C, HOOVER: A-. Ottawa boasts the best top four defense in the league, led by Burns and Josi. Patrice Bergeron has got his offensive touch back and will be an elite two-way center for them. This is a top heavy team that is likely to have one of the best powerplays in the league. This is likely their last kick at the can before a rebuild or retool so I imagine Mike will pull out all the stops for one last run.

9. Chicago - KEY: B, CORE: B+, DEPTH: A, OFFENSIVE: A-, DEFENSIVE: C, INTANGIBLES: C-, GOALTENDING: A, SALARY CAP: B, PROSPECTS: A-, HOOVER: B+. Chicago is a deep team, with some scoring options throughout the lineup. Their top five players are all under 27 years of age which means the future is bright as well. Dougie Hamilton will be an excellent #1 dman for them and Faulk a great #2. Kuznetzov to Boeser could be a dangerous offensive duo up front. Plus they have lots of assets to upgrade if they need to. Nice to see the Hawks making the top ten.!

10. Philadelphia - KEY: C, CORE: B, DEPTH: B+, OFFENSIVE: B, DEFENSIVE: A-, INTANGIBLES: A, GOALTENDING: B+, SALARY CAP: A-, PROSPECTS: B+, HOOVER: B. Durability issues to two of their most important players, Getzlaf and Ellis, will be a strain on the team as the season wears on. What they do have is lots of depth and shutdown ability. Signing Rinne was an important free agent signing. They also possess one of the top 10 groups of prospects and have some cap wiggle room, which they could exploit later in the season.

11. NY Islanders - KEY: C+, CORE: C+, DEPTH: B, OFFENSIVE: A-, DEFENSIVE: C, INTANGIBLES: C+, GOALTENDING: A, SALARY CAP: C, PROSPECTS: C+, HOOVER: B+. Good offensive depth along with two starting goalies is often a good recipe for success in the NEFHL, and that's how the Isles are setup. They don't have any elite offensive threats (Palmieri being the closest), but have a 3rd line that can outscore many 2nd lines.

12. Buffalo - KEY: B, CORE: B, DEPTH: B, OFFENSIVE: C, DEFENSIVE: A, INTANGIBLES: A-, GOALTENDING: C-, SALARY CAP: C+, PROSPECTS: C-, HOOVER: C       . Recently adding Jeff Carter is a big boost for the Sabres lineup, in desperate need of some scoring punch. The unfortunate part is Carter’s very low durability and not many options for goals after him.

13. Pittsburgh - KEY: B+, CORE: C+, DEPTH: C+, OFFENSIVE: B, DEFENSIVE: C+, INTANGIBLES: B, GOALTENDING: C+, SALARY CAP: C-, PROSPECTS: C+, HOOVER: B      . Seth Jones has emerged as a top notch two-way #1 dman. Crosby has proven he knows how to win, but the supporting cast is thin, and they have become low on assets. It'll be interesting to see how the Pens do this season, but if it doesn't go well, this team's core is still quite young.

14. Edmonton - KEY: B, CORE: C+, DEPTH: C+, OFFENSIVE: C, DEFENSIVE: B+, INTANGIBLES: B, GOALTENDING: B+, SALARY CAP: B, PROSPECTS: C-, HOOVER: C+. Oilers have a good cap situation, Laine and OEL will lead the offense and they have good goaltending. What could cause serious issues is two of their best forwards, Hossa and Parise, are likely to miss significant time due to injuries. Luck, for better or worse, will likely be a part of how the Oilers finish the season.

15. Arizona - KEY: A-, CORE: B+, DEPTH: F, OFFENSIVE: B+, DEFENSIVE: F, INTANGIBLES: F, GOALTENDING: C+, SALARY CAP: C+, PROSPECTS: F, HOOVER: B. If the Yotes put together their three best players, Tarasenko, Kane, and Eric Staal, you'd likely have the league’s best line. Arizona's back end is very suspect, but as long as those three get their sniping going, this team should see some success.

16. Toronto - KEY: C, CORE: B, DEPTH: A-, OFFENSIVE: C+, DEFENSIVE: B, INTANGIBLES: B+, GOALTENDING: C+, SALARY CAP: D, PROSPECTS: B+, HOOVER: C+. The Leafs have put themselves into a good position with a deep core, mostly very young, with Chara and Perry sprinkled in for some veteran leadership. They have some offensive guys, and some defensive guys. Some speedsters, some grinders. They are a well setup team, perhaps lacking star power, with a good prospect bank to try and upgrade if they are sitting in a playoff spot mid-way through the season.

17. Dallas - KEY: C+, CORE: C, DEPTH: B, OFFENSIVE: C+, DEFENSIVE: C-, INTANGIBLES: C+, GOALTENDING: F, SALARY CAP: A-, PROSPECTS: C, HOOVER: C+. The Stars have a ton of cap room to upgrade if they find some opportunities. They should be able to keep themselves in the playoff race as is, and if they manage that cap space efficiently, they could go from playoff contender to legit cup contender. Depends if Sly is willing to mortgage the future or not.

18. Tampa Bay - KEY: C, CORE: C, DEPTH: B+, OFFENSIVE: B, DEFENSIVE: C+, INTANGIBLES: C-, GOALTENDING: B, SALARY CAP:      D, PROSPECTS: D, HOOVER: C. Tampa Bay has lots of scoring options throughout the lineup. Forsberg will look to lead the way; Dadonov and his $725k salary as a sniper/playmaker is a great bargain, but I do think this Tampa roster has more to show in the future than they do now.

19. Detroit - KEY: C+, CORE: C, DEPTH: C, OFFENSIVE: C, DEFENSIVE: B+, INTANGIBLES: A, GOALTENDING: A-, SALARY CAP: F, PROSPECTS: F, HOOVER: F. Major cap issues without many assets. IMO, it's time for Detroit to sell and do a full rebuild, but unlikely Jean's direction. He'll likely fight with the cap all season and miss the playoffs and have sucky future.

20. New Jersey - KEY: C-, CORE: C+, DEPTH: B+, OFFENSIVE: C+, DEFENSIVE: C+, INTANGIBLES: A, GOALTENDING: C-, SALARY CAP: C, PROSPECTS: B, HOOVER: C+. New Jersey is three lines deep and has offensive options throughout the lineup. Goaltending is sub-par and they're not the best defensive squad, although good intangibles, but they should be able to push for a playoff spot and have some excellent prospect depth if they find themselves with an opportunity to compete this season.

21. Columbus - KEY: C+, CORE: C, DEPTH: C, OFFENSIVE: C+, DEFENSIVE: C, INTANGIBLES: D, GOALTENDING: B+, SALARY CAP: F, PROSPECTS: C-, HOOVER: D. Columbus has some cap issues and lack depth overall. Kucherov and Rakell will lead the way, but the defense is suspect if they'll be able to get the puck up to them. They're going to need to work some magic if want to make the playoffs.

22. Los Angeles - KEY: C-, CORE: C-, DEPTH: C-, OFFENSIVE: D, DEFENSIVE: B+, INTANGIBLES: A-, GOALTENDING: C, SALARY CAP: A, PROSPECTS: B, HOOVER: C-. The Auston Matthews show… A lot is expected from this young man. Erik Johnson is the big force on defense, but is a very fragile 30 year old. I can't imagine LA competing for a playoff position with this lineup, but they have lots of cap room and some good prospects to move if they wish to improve their roster. Otherwise, looks like this will be a rebuilding year for the Kings.

23. Carolina - KEY: C, CORE: C-, DEPTH: C, OFFENSIVE: C-, DEFENSIVE: C, INTANGIBLES: C, GOALTENDING: C+, SALARY CAP: C-, PROSPECTS: B, HOOVER: F. Stamkos is very fragile for this season and will leave a major hole on RW if/when he goes down. They don't have a standout on defense and there is very limited scoring after the big three (Tavares and Couture being the other two).

24. Vegas - KEY: D, CORE: D, DEPTH: C, OFFENSIVE: F, DEFENSIVE: A, INTANGIBLES: A+, GOALTENDING: D, SALARY CAP: A, PROSPECTS: C-, HOOVER: C. They're going to work hard, and play a good team defense, but they likely won't beat many teams. There is cap room if they want, but I'm sure the plan is more Hughes focused at this time.

25. Anaheim - KEY: C-, CORE: C-, DEPTH: C-, OFFENSIVE: C-, DEFENSIVE: C+, INTANGIBLES: C+, GOALTENDING: C-, SALARY CAP: B+, PROSPECTS: F, HOOVER: C-. Anaheim is beginning a much needed re-tool (and could argue full on rebuild might be necessary) and recently moved two of their most important players in Dubnyk and Carter. Gostisbehere will be the offensive leader, with Jonathan Toews looking to shutdown top lines nightly, but there's likely not enough to make the playoffs.

26. Montreal - KEY: C-, CORE: C  , DEPTH: C-, OFFENSIVE: C-, DEFENSIVE: C-, INTANGIBLES: C, GOALTENDING: A-, SALARY CAP: B+, PROSPECTS: A-, HOOVER: C-. Big Buff and Klingberg give Montreal a good back end. Pavelski will give some offense up front, and Raanta is one of the best goalies in the league; however, there is a good chance he will be moved sometime during the season, if the Habs find a suitor/good return. Rebuild mode for the Canadiens!

27. San Jose - KEY: C-, CORE: C-, DEPTH: D, OFFENSIVE: C-, DEFENSIVE: C-, INTANGIBLES: C, GOALTENDING: C, SALARY CAP:      B+, PROSPECTS: C, HOOVER: C. The Benn and Barkov show! Anderson is a good goalie, but they do not have much of a backup. The rest of roster is a bunch of shrugs.

28. Winnipeg - KEY: D, CORE: D, DEPTH: C-, OFFENSIVE: C-, DEFENSIVE: D, INTANGIBLES: B+, GOALTENDING: F, SALARY CAP:      F, PROSPECTS: B+, HOOVER: D. Some of the worst contracts in the league are now on the Jets. Kopitar will attempt to make the Jets relevant, but he won't have much support. They didn't rate too badly for intangibles, which is the least weighted category.

29. Nashville - KEY: F, CORE: F, DEPTH: D, OFFENSIVE: F, DEFENSIVE: D, INTANGIBLES: C+, GOALTENDING: F, SALARY CAP: A+, PROSPECTS: A+, HOOVER: C-   . The best group of prospects in the league! Deep and talented. Nashville is in full rebuild right now and are a few seasons away from being a powerhouse. For the time being, they will be a bottom dweller.

30. Minnesota - KEY: F, CORE: F, DEPTH: F, OFFENSIVE: D, DEFENSIVE: F, INTANGIBLES: F, GOALTENDING: C-, SALARY CAP: A, PROSPECTS: A, HOOVER: C-. One of the best prospect groups in the league, Minny is looking long term right now and are not likely to find themselves in a playoff position for this season. John Carlson will be their team's leader for most categories and provide some needed offense.

31. Boston - KEY: F, CORE: F, DEPTH: F, OFFENSIVE: F, DEFENSIVE: F, INTANGIBLES: C-, GOALTENDING: D, SALARY CAP:      B, PROSPECTS: C+, HOOVER: F. Boston has some large players… chances are they will be near the bottom of the league. Josh Anderson will be in a position to put up some serious points though, for you NEFHL poolies.






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