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2019-20 Hoover Rankings - Part 1/3 - The Tankers

Here are this year’s Hoover Rankings! The categories are very similar to last season. Out is the category of intangibles, which is now calculated into other categories. I’ve added the Gallant Grade, which is the rankings done by Jason of Boston, which can be found here.

Returning categories are Key (top 5), Core (top 10), Depth (top 20), Goal (starterOV*3+backupOV+0.1 third stringOV), Cap (salary cap hit), Prospects (taken directly from JD’s prospect rankings), and Hoover (me making up stuff).

Each category was ranked 1-31, which is that team’s points for that category. All categories were given an equal weighting, with the exceptions of Key and Hoover which were double weighted, and prospects, which only had a 0.5 impact.

The grades are on a curve – 2 A+s, 2 Fs, and 3 of every other grade.

This year, for fun, I’ve decided to break it up into three stories! Triple the fun (and added suspense)! I’ll start, with the TRUE tankers!

31.          Nashville              -             Key:       F,               Core:     F,               Depth: D,               Offense:                 D,               Defense:             F,               Goaltending:      C-,               Salary cap:           A+,                 Prospects:           A+,               Gallant Grade:   D,               Hoover Grade: F              -             The Nashville predators are the team to beat this year in the NEFHL at being the worst. To me, this is the worse roster and best chance of being dead last! Top end future in place and in good position to add another.

30.          Ottawa -             Key:       C-,               Core:     F,               Depth: D,               Offense:              F,               Defense:             D,               Goaltending:      F,               Salary cap:           A,                 Prospects:           B-,               Gallant Grade:   F,               Hoover Grade: F              -             From contender, to bottom dweller. The Sens are gutted and are a garbage team. A true tanker that have picked up some good youth along the way from their former glory days. Good position for a lotto pick and good work by Mike to setup the rebuild in a timely fashion.

29.          Vegas    -             Key:       D,               Core:     D,               Depth: C-,               Offense:              F,               Defense:             C,               Goaltending:      F,               Salary cap:           A,                 Prospects:           C+,               Gallant Grade:   F,               Hoover Grade: D             -             This is a bad roster that the Knights have put together. They are looking for a lotto pick to setup their young franchises future.

28.          Anaheim              -             Key:       F,               Core:     D,               Depth: D,               Offense:                 D,               Defense:             D,               Goaltending:      C,               Salary cap:           A+,                 Prospects:           C,               Gallant Grade:   C-,               Hoover Grade: D             -             Free agent signings Kovalchuk and Carter help give the Ducks some credibility for the coming season, but make no doubts, this is a rebuilding franchise. They've made some good deals, moving proven vets like Toews for good future packages, which leaves them fighting for one of the top picks next offseason. Anaheim finally starting to set the franchise straight, but some work to do still in building their future.

27.          Boston  -             Key:       D,               Core:     D,               Depth: C,               Offense:              C-,               Defense:             C-,               Goaltending:      C+,               Salary cap:           D,                 Prospects:           B,               Gallant Grade:   C,               Hoover Grade: D             -             Boston has put together a pretty bad roster. Josh Anderson has emerged as a high end two-way player that will try and keep them competitive and out of the race for last place.

26.          San Jose               -             Key:       C-,               Core:     C-,               Depth: C-,               Offense:                 C,               Defense:             C-,               Goaltending:      D,               Salary cap:           B-,                 Prospects:           B+,               Gallant Grade:   D,               Hoover Grade: C-            -             The Sharks finished last season and will again be in contention to be the worst!

25.          Buffalo -             Key:       C-,               Core:     C-,               Depth: F,               Offense:              C-,               Defense:             B+,               Goaltending:      C,               Salary cap:           B+,                 Prospects:           C-,               Gallant Grade:   C,               Hoover Grade: C-            -             The Sabres have put together, I'm sure unintentionally, a pretty decent defensive squad. It is their one strong point, which is likely to keep them from the very bottom of the standings, as they are hoping to achieve. Seems like the Sabres even suck at sucking.

24.          Minnesota          -             Key:       D,               Core:     C-,               Depth: C+,               Offense:                 C+,               Defense:             F,               Goaltending:      C,               Salary cap:           A,                 Prospects:           A+,               Gallant Grade:   C-,               Hoover Grade: C-            -             One day the Wild will rise again! Second best prospect group in the league is a great place to start.

23.          Washington        -             Key:       C+,               Core:     C,               Depth: F,               Offense:                 C,               Defense:             C-,               Goaltending:      D,               Salary cap:           A-,                 Prospects:           C,               Gallant Grade:   D,               Hoover Grade: C             -             It's unfortunate for Alexander Ovechkin that he has to play for such a middling franchise with no current talent and limited future assets. This is the worst Capitals roster we've seen in a while - will be interesting to see what they do next and if Ovi will move next offseason.

22.          Detroit  -             Key:       C,               Core:     C,               Depth: C+,               Offense:              D,               Defense:             C+,               Goaltending:      B,               Salary cap:           B-,                 Prospects:           C+,               Gallant Grade:   C,               Hoover Grade: C             -             Rebuild is full tilt. Bunch of garbage vets were added at reasonable rates that the Wings can pitch off for some picks come the 41 game mark of the season. Wings are sitting in a good position to get the rebuild in gear.

21.          Pittsburgh           -             Key:       C,               Core:     C,               Depth: C-,               Offense:                 C-,               Defense:             B-,               Goaltending:      B-,               Salary cap:           B+,                 Prospects:           A-,               Gallant Grade:   C-,               Hoover Grade: C             -             Brent thinks the Penguins are garbage, but he doesn't realize just how bad some of the tankers are. Crosby himself could probably beat some of the true tanking teams. They do just make the cut though for the true tankers, and if luck’s on their side could lose a lot of games or have Sidney get season ending injury in game 1.