2019-20 Hoover Rankings - Conclusion


I think due to Trev's excellent work in previous seasons, he has set himself up well for a potential GM of the year award this year. Very good chance the Panther's take the President's Trophy - not to curse them or anything, but they have the best roster on paper. They also have great prospect system which goes to show how well this franchise is being ran right now. 

On the other end of the spectrum, there appears to be a ton of tanking teams. Couple others that could easily be thrown in that boat too. To me, there appears to be less league parity this season than there has been in quite some time. 

I was very surprised to see where my own team landed with the ratings. I'm skeptical, but excited as well! We've saved some cap space and definitely plan to add around the half way mark of season. 

I think Dallas, Colorado, Vancouver, Calgary, Chicago, and Winnipeg is the deepest for contenders the West has been in a while. 

Here are the grades in a grid, along with my predicted Playoff positioning, based on these rankings:

TEAM Key Grade Core Rank Depth Grade Offense Grade Defense Grade Goal Grade Cap Grade Prospects Grade Gallant Grade Hoover Grade
31.  Nashville F F D D F C- A+ A+ D F
30.  Ottawa C- F D F D F A B- F F
29.  Vegas D D C- F C F A C+ F D
28.  Anaheim F D D D D C A+ C C- D
27.  Boston D D C C- C- C+ D B C D
26.  San Jose C- C- C- C C- D B- B+ D C-
25.  Buffalo C- C- F C- B+ C B+ C- C C-
24.  Minnesota D C- C+ C+ F C A A+ C- C-
23.  Washington C+ C F C C- D A- C D C
22.  Detroit C C C+ D C+ B B- C+ C C
21.  Pittsburgh C C C- C- B- B- B+ A- C- C
20.  NY Rangers C C+ B- C D A+ B D B C+
19.  Los Angeles B+ C+ C+ C+ C C- D B B- C+
18.  Montreal B- B- B- B- A- D C- A C+ B
17.  Columbus C+ B- B+ B B C+ B- D B C+
16.  Tampa Bay B- B+ B+ A- C+ B+ F D B- B-
15.  Edmonton C+ C+ C C+ B- A- A- C B- B
14.  Arizona A B- C B- A- B- C F B B-
13.  NY Islanders B B A- B+ B+ C+ D C- A- B-
12.  Carolina A- B+ B B C C- C B+ C+ B+
11.  St. Louis B B B B- A- B+ C- B- B+ B+
10.  New Jersey B- B B B+ B- A A- B C+ B
9.  Winnipeg B+ A- B- A- B B C+ B+ A- B+
8.  Chicago B+ A- A A C+ A- C+ A- B+ A-
7.  Calgary B A- A- A- B+ A- C+ A- A A-
6.  Vancouver A- B+ B+ B A B B A B+ A-
5.  Toronto A A A A A B- C- C+ A A+
4.  Philadelphia A- A A B+ A+ B+ B+ B- A- A
3.  Dallas A A A- A+ B A+ B C- A A
2.  Colorado A+ A+ A+ A A+ A F F A+ A
1.  Florida A+ A+ A+ A+ A A C A A+ A+


St. Louis
Los Angeles
San Jose
New Jersey
Tampa Bay