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State of the union.

Some things need to be said and a few things that need to be addressed. This might not be all be coherent. The Proper 12 whiskey I got for Christmas has been cracked open tonight. Hope I'm doing this right Steve.

1. JD. He has been a machine from the time this league started in 2005 and continues to be every bit of one as we almost hit 2020. We're not worthy. That's just him as the league's commish and not including how he continues to have a contender year after year on top of running the league. Impressive as hell. He has set a great example from every facet of his life personally and professionally for me and all of us for going on 15 years. Thank you, JD.

2. The New York Islanders and this weird stat: They are the only team in the league with more ties than losses.

3. The Calgary Flames. 3rd overall in the league and they have not gone past regulation once this season. No ties, no OTL. I don't know if it's impressive or bad. At the very least its weird.

4. There's a lot of bitching and complaining going on in the forum lately or people jumping down other peoples throats every chance they get. It seems to outweigh all the other league talk. The forum isn't as fun as it used to be IMO and there doesn't seem to be as much activity on it. I'm not sure why. I'm posting less too.

5. It's pretty awesome seeing Phil back. I can't wait for him to be back as a GM.

6. I'm guilty of not writing articles anymore as much as anyone. We're not writers. Do people even read what we write anyway? I read maybe half of what gets posted. 5 over the course of the season is nothing. We all should hit it no problem but it does feel like a chore for some reason. It feels outdated. There's gotta be a way to revamp how this is done.

7. If everyone put $100 at the beginning of the season towards cash prizes for the champ, GM of the year and a few other categories it would add to the intrigue and league-wide interest. Might stop some of the tanking and inactivity. $1500 for the Cup winner, $1000 for the GM of the year, $250 for activity posting articles and posting on the forum.. Stuff like that. What's a $100? If we have cash prizes for things other than your team actually winning then even if you're rebuilding there are things you can do to make your money back.

8. I'm going to post this and within a few hours I might be knocked off the main page. Nobody will see this lol.

9. So many teams seem to absolutely suck this season. Now that I think about it that's probably why the forum seems to be quiet and teams aren't writing articles. When your team blows and you're waiting for the draft the season feels long and its not a whole lot of fun. See point number 7 to help change this.

10. Stop posting images on your articles if you don't know how to re-size images. Just hit post and use your team logo.

11. The Sharks will be focusing on getting a starting goalie going into next season. Quick was worth the gamble but he sucks. He's not the answer for me.

12. I want to get atleast 15 points but am running out of stuff to talk about.

13. I have absolutely no interest in bike riding but I read every post and am following along that thread and I don't know why. I want a peloton now. I don't think that the commercial was so bad. Maybe she asked for the bike for Christmas? That said Ryan Reynolds using her in his Gin commercial was brilliant.

14. Jean's I'm just here so I won't be *fine* title was hilarious. Side note.. I can't believe Lynch is back in the league and signed with the Seahawks

15. Let's turn injuries off.

16. Nobody will support #15 but deep down everyone kinda does, right?

17. Teams in cap hell: It's your own fault.