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Into The Draft Day Trades

The Capitals had a very busy draft day by moving almost all their value picks in 8, 38, and 42 for Nick Suzuki and 59. That left 59 and 131 as the only Capitals picks to start on Draft day. So here is what happen on draft day:


The Nick Suzuki trade: 

After multiple talks with the 8th overall pick, and tons of research the Capitals were 99.9 percent sure on who is left at number 8 overall. We felt that Dahlen, Svechnikov, Zadina, Wahlstrom, KotaniemI, Tkachuk and Hughes would be gone. So we looked at alternatives because with the addition of Liljegren, and having Capobianco we felt we didnt have to go defence 100% with 8th overall. But the name that kept coming up as the best forward was Kravtsov and were not sure to take a Russian that earl. So we looked into moving up 3,4,and 6 with the target being Zadina at 3, Wahlstrom at 4 and tkachuk at 6...but then we said **** it , lets see what we can get for 8, 38, and 42. So the offers kept pouring in...and there might’ve been a stud dman available for those picks, and  a stud center was also offered but with my cap situation  it  wasnt too appealing. Then there was two offers with a young prospect almost ready nhl prospect. Nick Suzuki was one of the options and one of my favourites from the ‘17 draft, but along with Suzuki I was also getting the 59th overall which keeps me in the draft...that was appealing and the deal was finalized in the morning on draft day. 


The Fowler trade:

Fowler was very close to staying a Capital. Talks with the Canucks started just before the draft and i was looking to get a pick around 20 to pick the player I got at 27 who was Jonaton Berggren. At pick 22,I told Kyle I had 3 guys on my list and if my guys are there...we could have a deal. Soon after one of those guys went off the list, and then another right before the pick Kyle just top guy was still there! So we finalized it just after Kyle acquired the other pick. The Jets were going to take Berggren had they kept the pick so it was a deal that almost didn’t happen if the Jets kept 27 and traded 28 instead.