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#1 in Team Defence?

The Capitals are known more for their scoring but this year has been very strange. The team Led by Alex Ovechkin is the leagues best defensive team?


The Capitals are not the leagues best scoring team but do the numbers accually indicate that they might actually have one of the leagues best offensive teams? Which could explain why they have the leagues best defence. Let’s look at the numbers:

Team Stats
16.1 91.5 3.2647 2.0882 29.1 25.6
13th 2nd 6th 1st 6th 2nd

As you can see all the offensive categories are top 6 league wide except the PP which is 13th and all the defensive stats are top 2. The stats say the Capitals are a great  defensive team, which is accually surprising since on paper the defence along with the forwards don’t look too great defensively.  The goalies are also rated amongst the worst starting goalies. But what is that makes this team so good? I think it has a lot to do with the offence. A great offence takes pressure off the defence and having the puck in the offensive zone obviously means there is less or no defence to be played. The Caps also own a lot of the most aggressive forwards  In the game, mainly Alexander Ovechkin who is leading that PK unit. Some of his offence has gone down but his presence on the PK is a welcome addition. The fact that the caps have been this consistent early on is trouble for the league, because once that PP gets going it’ll be hard to stop. 

Based on the defence+goalies on paper, you could make an argument that the Capitals actually have the leagues best offence.