It has been 2 weeks GM Nellis has been introduced to the NEFHL and after 10 trades, a few waiver pick ups and some buyouts, the Rangers depth chart has already taken on a whole new life.

But no moves were more controversial than the 2 trades today , Nellis moved out disgruntled Russians Alexander Barabanov and unsigned RFA Dman Nikolai Knyzhov.

"Look, I am not gonna sugar coat this - We don't need guys like that here - I made 2 offers to Knyzhov and both came back with a very negative attitude, the first offer was not enough money, the 2nd offer was too long... So they wanted alot of money for a short amount of time. Does he wanna play hockey or not?... " Nellis continued ...

"The negocations were difficult enough, but then the agent (who also just so happens to represent Barabanov) said that he winger did not like playing in New York if his buddy Nikolai didn't.... well ya know what... See ya later" said an obviously annoyed Nellis.

Barabanov was sent to LA for a 4th round draft pick in 2024 and Knyzhov was sent to Edmonton for cash considrations.

That being said - seems like Nellis has brought in some great role players.
Charlie Coyle , Brandon Duhaime and Wade Allison have all been great additions.

Nellis continues to collect draft picks and is now with 12 picks in this summers 2023 draft - including 5 in the first 2 rounds.
The Rangers are moving fast and should make for an entertaining lead up to the trade deadline.

For the New York Post
Mark Bryan