Rankings based on healthy rosters, injuries not taken into consideration. 

No personal ranking by me on this one. What the values determined ('team grade'), plus including teams regular season points, which caused minimal movement, is what determined 'Rank, includes regular season points'. The formulas for the values might be questionable, but they are what they are and even across teams. 

You'll notice in the 'Rank' column, the grading scale used there is used for all grades, meaning only the top team in each category received A+, only 2nd best A, and 3rd best A-. 

    Team Key grade core grade depth grade off grade def grade int grade goal grade team grade tote+points Rank, includes regular season points
1 . Canucks A+ A+ A+ A+ A B+ A+ A+ 9,699.93 A+
2 . Blackhawks C- A A A A+ D B A 9,558.67 A
3 . Flyers A- B+ B+ B B+ A+ A A- 9,450.23 A-
4 . Coyotes B- A- B C+ A- B- C B 9,393.47 B+
5 . Capitals B+ C+ D C- D C A- B 9,353.30 B+
6 . Flames B- B+ A- A- B+ A- B B+ 9,307.27 B
7 . Penguins A B- B- F C- A B+ B+ 9,305.43 B
8 . Lightning B B B+ B+ C+ B+ C B- 9,225.13 B-
9 . Kings B+ B- C- B+ C- B C+ B- 9,221.87 B-
10 . Wild D C B- B- C C- B- C+ 9,191.70 C+
11 . Blue Jackets C C- B B- B C+ C- C 9,130.43 C
12 . Hurricanes C- C C C- B B- D C- 9,126.10 C
13 . Maple Leafs C+ D F D B- F B+ C- 9,120.43 C-
14 . Sharks F F C- C F B B- C 9,076.80 C-
15 . Oilers C C- C C C C- C- D 9,025.20 D
16 . Devils B B C+ B B- C F F 8,980.23 F


1 . Canucks - top goaltending, top stars, top everything. Was my bet going into the regular season and still is going into the playoffs. 
2 . Blackhawks - best defense going, going to be tough to knock out. 
3 . Flyers - the toughest and grittiest team going into the playoffs will hope to grind their way into the finals. 
4 . Coyotes - well rounded team that saw some regular season success will be a force to reckon with. 
5 . Capitals - the defending champ is still letting his stars carry for another hopeful run. 
6 . Flames - Flames are always a threat, by design, and are again this year. 
7 . Penguins - loading up with vets and a top goalie, Pittsburgh has set themselves to have Ovi and Crosby win together. 
8 . Lightning - a well rounded team that knows how to get some goals scored. 
9 . Kings - McDavid and Zibanajed are a deadly duo hoping to take their team deep. 
10 . Wild - good 1/2 in net and led by Brady Tkachuk, Minny is looking to see what they are made of.
11 . Blue Jackets - Eichel and Hamilton will be missing the beginning of the playoffs, by Dougie is back soon and could have serious impact
12 . Hurricanes - Tavares/Stamkos...
13 . Maple Leafs - sneak in, low goal differential in regular season, hope to ride winning ways
14 . Sharks - stoked to be in the playoffs after being a seller!
15 . Oilers - is a team with potential upset upside, but probably not. 
16 . Devils - happy to make it with first year GM duo!