Gustav Forsling


is about to emerge as one of the very best two-way Defensemen in the league and he will blossom under the leadership of Roman Josi 


Forsling already has a proven track record logging top four minutes (26th in ice time in the nhl last season) while providing elite defense and I think he is developing an elite point shot to go along with his phenomenal two-way game.


You look at the club I’m building… our centers should be able to dominate in the slot, our wingers are built to crash and bang… we have speed and pizzazz … now you begin adding elite point shots … our forwards should thrive in the chaos 


The clubs ready to rock n roll

We have a deep farm and the pro is looking absolutely dominant… clock in 1.0 under the cap 



THN YearBook also has a feature story on Jacob Markstrom becoming a dad and having a rebound season… he went 8-6-0 after his sons birth highlighted by a 40 save shutout March 7th… article had me optimistic he about to rebound.. currently 82… should be 82-84 by seasons end 




Robertson PP1+PK2  - Malkin PP1 - Greenway PK1

Cotter PP2 - Eriksson EK PP2 + PK2 - Duclair PP2

Gaudreau - Bennett PK1 - Burakovsky PP1

Howden - Kotkaniemi - Eyssimont 


Josi PP1 + PK1 - Sanheim PP2 + PK2 

Hague PP2 - Forsling PP1 + PK1 

Bear PK2 - Berni 

Josi - Forsling 





Projecting a 28% Power Play 


Per 82


(24) Robertson: 55G 110Pt

(38) Malkin: 30G 95Pts 

(26) Eriksson EK: 35G 70Pts (150Hits) 

(28) Duclair: 30G 70Pts 

(28) Burakovsky: 30G 70Pts 

(27) Bennett: 25G 45Pts (150Hits) 

(26) Greenway: 15G 40Pts (300Hits) 

(24) Cotter: 15G 40Pts (300Hits)

(23) Kotkaniemi: 15G 35Pts 

(30) Gaudreau: 15G 35Pts 

(25) Howden: 10G 20Pts 

(27) Eyssimont: 10G 20Pts 


(33) Josi: 30G 90Pts 

(27) Forsling: 20G 60Pts 

(27) Sanheim: 15G 45Pts 

(25) Hague: 10G 35Pts 

(26) Bear: 5G 25Pts 

(23) Berni: 1G 20Pts 


Josi 79SP 82SK 84PA 96PC 93SC

Forsling 78SP 76SK 60PA 73PC 64SC (Trends towards 80PC/SC by seasons end) 


Kotkaniemi is an emerging 2C in real life off a 43 point season (36 in his last 44) 

4C on the Sabres 

Crazy Depth