A blockbuster trade sent ripples through the entire NEFHL on Tuesday morning.  The front office announced that the team had acquired $1 from the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for veteran center Paul Stastny.  Brought in at the trade deadline in the Alex Killorn deal last season, Stastny used his ratings and leadership to compile 1 goal and 1 assist in 21 regular season games and followed that up with an even less impressive 0 goals and 0 assists in their 6 game 1st round series loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins.  What this all means is that the team paid the equivalent of $614634 to Stastny in exchange for 2 points and a first round exit.....  $307317 per point.  While this type of production will be difficult to replace going into the coming season, the team felt safe clearing up $2.4 million in cap space knowing that literally anyone can fill his skates.  Columbus obviously is hoping for at least an 8 point season should he last the year in 2023/24.  At the very least, he will help them get to the salary floor I guess.  The Canes franchise wishes Paul well, or doesn't, I'm not really sure.  It really seems like they don't care at all and are happy to not have to pay Stastny an NEFHL salary anymore. Good luck Paul, find your own way to the airport.

GM Jeff McRae was later seen at a vending machine at the rink attempting to buy a can of coke for ironically $1.  "Great value!" McRae was quoted as he walked away while taking a large gulp.