The Blue Jackets are rebuilding, but that isn't stopping them from making deals that improve their team this season. This was seen in their deal with the Devils where they traded Palat for Patrick Kane. Getting a player that was seen as a franchise player like Kane was for the Devils is a rare occurence as it's not too often teams are willing to part ways with them. Over the course of his fourteen year career he played in 1182 career regular season games and put up 1178 points, while also playing in 90 playoff games getting 69(nice) points. While he never won a Stanley Cup with the Devils, he won other major individual accolades.

2022-23 Lady Byng Trophy (Most Sportsmanlike)
2022-23 Played in NEFHL All-Star
2021-22 Lady Byng Trophy (Most Sportsmanlike)
2020-21 Played in NEFHL All-Star
2019-20 Maurice "Rocket" Richard (Goals Leader)
2019-20 Played in NEFHL All-Star
2016-17 Maurice "Rocket" Richard (Goals Leader)
2016-17 NEFHL - All-Star Game MVP
2016-17 Played in NEFHL All-Star
2013-14 Played in NEFHL All-Star
2012-13 Played in NEFHL All-Star
2011-12 Played in NEFHL All-Star
2010-11 Played in NEFHL All-Star

Played in NEFHL All-Star

Kane will make a dynamic duo on the top line along with other American talent Jack Eichel. Kane will be a great mentor to Eichel as he can teahc him what it means to be a franchise player. Funny enough Kane is probably the best linemate that Eichel has had in terms of pure talent in his time with the Jackets, but they are rebuilding so likely they won't see what they can do together in the playoffs. It is also very likely that Kane doesn't last the season with the Jackets. As of right now there is reportedly 5 teams that are interested in getting Kane once they have more cap space. It will be interesting to see how the Kane situation plays out in Columbus. At least for a little bit though the Jackets faithful will see some high end talent playing together on the ice. The powerplay should be high end with Eichel, Kane and Hamilton.