Finally the 2009/10 nefhl season is finally over and it was definitely a brutal one for TampaBay fans and players alike. This team started off the year as basement dwellers and stayed that way the entire season. G.M. Lamarche was asked if there were any positives from this horrible season and he responded "It's hard to come up with positives from a season where the team finishes in before last place in the league, tons of money was lost and on top of it all not even have your own 1st round pick in the off season. With that being said there were some positives, younger players like Rich Peverly and Tomas Fleischman really started to show some offensive flare and it'll be fun to see what they can do next season to go along with of a scoring touch by veteran Mike fisher and steady performers Daniel Sedin, Jason Pomminville and Daniel Alfredson, this team should be geared towards a much better offensive output next season!"
G.M. Lamarche also wanted to mention that the hiring of Assistant G.M. Mitch Blake as also been a major positive this season. He's done everything that could be asked out of an assistant, he's gone out looking for deals that could make the Lightning better in the future and for right now, has been great to discuss trade possibilities that I researched and right now is doing some research for the draft where the Lightning hold the coyotes pick who finished 10th from the bottom this season.
All in all, this was definitely a tough yeah for everyone in the lightning organization and thankfully it'll be very difficult to be any worse next season! Good luck to all you playoff teams and we promise, next season, we'll be a part of the festivities!