After destroying the opposition in the first round, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Florida Panthers are set to square off in what should be an epic second round series. Two of the best teams in the NEFHL are set to duke it out with the hope of reaching the Eastern Conference finals. If you take a look down each teams depth chart you can't help but be amazed with the vast amount of talent each team encompasses.

What sets the two teams apart is experience and team achievements. The Cats have won the Stanley Cup, won the Eastern Conference twice, won their division five times, and have also taken home the Presidents trophy. In light of these outstanding accolades, the Panthers have never beaten the Penguins in a playoff series. In fact, the Penguins took down a much better Panthers squad in seven games back in 2007.

"A lot has changed since we beat them years ago. It's tough to look past what they have accomplished" said the Pens GM.

The Penguins are entering the series with a healthy roster and a confidence they haven't had since their tremendous run at the start of the regular season. Despite their new found swagger, the team needs to remember not to be too complacent against an experience squad like the Panthers.

"We need to continue to do what we did against the Jets. We managed to shut them down with our special teams and rock solid two-way play. We can't respect them [Florida] too much. Our guys are aware of the experience some of their core players have and they know that they need to make the smart play rather than take too many risks or play out of their comfort zone. If we can limit our turnovers and the penalties we take I feel confident that we will come out on top this series" said coach, Dan Bylsma.

If anything is clear, the team that walks away the victor of this series is more than likely going to take the Eastern Conference.

Da Na Na Na Na Na Na Naa.... Da Na Na Na Na Na Na Naa....