In a matchup that should look like David and Goliath, the Bruins set up to host the NY Islanders in action Monday night. While the Bruins GM is downplaying the signifigance, the Islanders GM Steve-O and his trusty sidekick Jason are looking to teabag the Bruins in a matchup of ideology. See, this dispute began on the 'Anything goes' forum and now has escalated into a barn fight, the likes the league has not seen for weeks, maybe days.

This is only one regular season game, one of many, but tonight could decide the fate of a country, a country that one GM isn't even a resident of, no this isn't about wins and losses, it's about Libya, tebaggers, Laurence O'Donnel, hell Rosie O'Donnel and don't forget those pesky right wing bloggers.

Tonight will end, once and for all, the question we all want answered...who will win on November 6th?