COLUMBUS, OHIO -- GM-Eric has always been on the cutting edge of organizational affairs. Many will recall how he developed the first functional Re-Rate Chart which circulated amongst select GMs back in the late 2000s. Now, his patented method for forecasting player rerates has been incorporated into his team's LiveStats Chart™. As you can see from the above, all players whose rights currently belong to the Blue Jackets are contained in the spreadsheet, and with one click of a button every player's stats are automatically obtained from official league sites around the world and are presented in a neat and organized fashion. 

Earlier today, GM-Eric added two new columns to the Chart: "SC" and "PA", which give insight into the likely scoring and passing rerates for all players currently playing in the NHL. Utilizing last year's re-rate calculations, these two new columns automatically update themselves based upon each player's real life statistics. Granted the re-rate calculations vary from year to year and may not provide exact figures for the upcoming rerates, but these new columns nevertheless provide invaluable information heading into the off-season.

Thanks to these new columns, the Jackets are able to confirm that their offense will indeed be potent next season. No fewer than 8 skaters should receive 60SC+ ratings, with four of those being 70SC+. A different story presents itself on the back-end, as no legitimate scoring threat exists. Nevertheless, young blueliner T.J. Brodie is on pace to obtain a respectable PA rating after amassing 23 assists so far this season. 

Keep an eye out for future LiveStats updates as GM-Eric will seek to incorporate additional columns for such ratings as IT, DU, DI, DF and EX/LD.

-- BJ-Express