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Bring on the V-Kunt. Those four words have such a wicked good sound. While 97 CD isn't bad for a tender, especially in the playoffs, the Bruins are very comfortable playing their backup in game four.

Why? Well we're just hedging our bets. So far this post season the Senators have only scored 15 goals in 7 games, also V-Kunt did see some action in the game 2 blowout and did quite well posting a 1.54 gaa and .923 save percentage. A third factor is Reimer and his 74 DU, I wouldn't want him to get hurt which would severly hamper our chances moving forward.

Besides V-Kunt, the other major lineup change includes Vincent Lecavilier who was injured and will miss the next 3 weeks. Under normal circumstances it would be lights out for a team to lose such an important position but with Brayden Schenn, the Bruins have a player who can slide into that number one role and excel. The pressure will be on for the Bruins to tie the series Monday and regain home ice advantage and the play of V-Kunt and Schenn will go along way toward deciding that fate.