The Penguins faithful came into the 2015/2016 season with the hope of watching their beloved team work their way to the top of the NEFHL. The output so far has been beyond disappointing. 

"We are 5th... a bottom five team. It is stunning when you consider the talent the we possess." said co-owner Mario Lemieux.  

To make matters worse, the Penguins do not own either of their first two picks in the upcoming draft. The thought of losing out on the shot at drafting a bluechip prospect like Auston Matthews is definitely a scary thought. Sabres general manage Kevin Fuhr knows the feeling having traded away the Connor McDavid pick. 

The Penguins are in a tough spot. With their franchise players reaching their prime and rookie deals on the verge of ending, the flightless birds need to consider the direction that they want to head. While a comeback second half is not out of the question, most analysts would agree that the chances are slim. 

"I believe in my teammates and what we have here in Pittsburgh. We are just having trouble putting the pieces together." said alternate captain Andrew Ladd. 

It is clear that the team needs to consider shaking up their player personnel. But who do they move? Do they consider making minor tweaks or do they sell the farm? 

Minnesota Wild fans are definitely loving how the Penguins are performing this season and are hopeful that the Penguins continue their downward spiral into the depths of the basement. 

Tweak? Retool? Reboot? 

I guess time will tell. 

"The next ten games are critical for us. We need to right the ship immediately if there is going to be any hope of salvaging this season." replied Lemieux.