With 5 picks in the top 74 of the 2016 NEFHL draft, this was going to be a second step in the rebuild of the Canadiens. After the big trade that sent out both Bishop and Keith but brought in Hulius, Motte and Anderson, the draft was going to being in some more talent.
After all was said and done in the NHL Draft, the Canadiens had 5 of the top 55 players selected which was even more than they could have hoped for. There was 1 goalie, 1 forward and 3 defensemen in that group and another couple of F were picked in the later rounds of the NHL draft to round out the Canadiens draft.
This year the Canadiens focused on players from the USHL and Europe as they get an extra couple of years to stay on the prospects list. This will allow the franchise a couple of extra years to see if they are worth adding to the pro roster, and give them time to develop.

German Rubtsov went 17 in the NEFHL draft, and 22 in the NHL draft.
Lucas Johansen went 41 in the NEFHL draft, and 28 in the NHL draft.
Andrew Peeke went 107 in the NEFHL draft, and 34 in the NHL draft.
Ryan Lindgren went 71 in the NEFHL draft, and 49 in the NHL draft.
Filip Gustavson went 47 in the NEFHL draft, and 55 in the NHL draft.
Eetu Tuulola went 74 in the NEFHL draft, and 156 in the NHL draft.
Nick Pastujov went 161 in the NEFHL draft, and 193 in the NHL draft.
Jamie Armstrong and Erich Fear went undrafted in the NHL draft after going in the 7th and 8th round in NEFHL.