Matt Affleck

The Massachusetts Howler


Late Monday evening, it was reported that the winger and Bruins coach John Hynes locked themselves in an office and had a “discussion”. The Bruins had just been defeated by the Philadelphia Flyers by a score of 6-1. In his limited ice time, McLeod was a -2 and looked lost for most of his shifts. Both individuals were caught on camera, visibly frustrated, at different times. McLeod broke his stick after missing his defensive assignment, leading to another goal against. Hynes attempted to get his team going after Silfverberg scored his second of the night to go up 4-1, clapping his hands and offering words of encouragement. Noticing McLeod laughing and chirping the opposition, Hynes walked over with a purpose, leaned over his shoulder and said something that clearly agitated the veteran winger. The two exchanged words before Hynes returned to his coaching duties.


Hynes met with the media after an early practice on Tuesday morning and didn’t offer a comment. “It was an exchange between the coach and a player. That’s it. Happens all the time.”


Adding speculation that things were not as they seemed was the fact that McLeod was not present for the team’s practice. Brock McGinn took his spot on the team’s fourth line during scrimmages. McLeod, 34, has played in each of the team’s 11 games in January and has not registered a point, with a minus 5 rating. He’s a veteran of 666 games in the NEFHL. McGinn meanwhile hasn’t played since Boxing Day. He went a stretch of 7 games without a point before being benched for the past four weeks. It was thought that McLeod was kept in the lineup over McGinn in an attempt to shop him around as the trade deadline looms.


“I spoke to coach Hynes today, McGinn will suit up against Washington on Thursday,” GM Gallant said. “Cody is a member of the Boston Bruins and he was brought in this summer to help the younger players develop, gain experience, learn the ropes. He’s done what we’ve asked of him.”


When he was asked about the alleged meeting between player and coach, Gallant did offer some interesting comments. “Look, it was a moment in time and things will pass. They’re both professionals, they’ve gone through this before and they’ll go through this again. But as of this moment, McLeod is unofficially suspended.”


As a member of the media, having heard a nugget of information spoon-fed to me, I would regret not probing further. So I did. “Care to elaborate? Is he suspended or not?”


“Maybe suspended was the wrong word. He’s not playing. I’m not saying that it’s because of all of this, but he’s not playing. McGinn’s played well with us this year, he’ll get the chance to keep showing us that. Sure, he’s younger, faster, and more good looking but that doesn’t….”


A member of a rival newspaper leaned in and asked “are you saying that his looks have something to do with this?”


Staring off in the distance, GM Gallant replied under his breath what sounded like “I’ve said too much” and then slowly backed out of the room.


It remains to be seen if McLeod’s looks are the reason why he won’t be playing against the Capitals, but you can bet that this reporter will get to the bottom of this.


McLeod could not be reached for comment.