Dunedin, FL - (AP) Newly appointed GM Matt Poulin has been working the phones aggressively during his first week as General Manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Multiple sources indicate that Jared Suprgron, Ryan Johansen, and Jonathan Quick have all been discussed in various trade senarios over the last 72 hours, and that GM Poulin is motivated to move them for the right price. Poulin met with members of the media today after golfing 18 holes. 

" We always want to explore any possible deals and to improve our team. We wanted to engage as many teams as possible to get a better sense of the players value. I can say that we have had very encouraging talks and also some that didnt get very far. We will be making some changes going forward but we will not make a trade for the sake of making a trade."

" I also want to encourage any other teams who like any of our assets to step forward and begin discussions before its too late. If we see something we like we will be pulling the trigger right away."

The bolts started off their new era with a 4-2 Loss at the hands of the Calgary Flames. It wasnt the first impression they wanted to give their new GM but Poulin understands there is a process that needs to be followed and the right moves need to be made.

" Losses happen and i understand it will take a little while to get this team turned around. We are very proactive and doing our due-deligance."

The Next couple of weeks will be very interesting in Tampa. The fan base is confident GM Poulin will turn this club around quickly.