Keenan to lead the Canadiens to the Promised Land

Despite going 6-of-7 lately, Montreal has a new coach as Peter Laviolette was fired after a heartbreaking loss against divisional leading Sabres which saw the team once again give up 4 goals in what has been a habit of giving up too many goals: several 6+ goals against games, 25th ranked in penalty killing % and 0-1-4 in OT games signalled. a need for change.

Mike Keenan brings excellent defense and experience and a single goal: win the division.

"Iron Mike has a core of veterans and midcareer talents to work with," says g.m. Vanny VanIslander. "He takes over a team that Peter has done well with, but we need to take it to the next level."

Rumour has it that nothing short of the divisional title or at least a first round playoff victory will satisfy the boys in the head office. The g.m. is expected to make a few more moves before the trading deadline, though no one expects the team to sacrifice next year's chances in favour of this year's, unless the race is too close to call.