So far i've looked at the production of my forwards so far in the nhl and now I am going to look at the production of my goaltenders and my d-men up to date along with the projections of final statistics

The core of D-men that I plan on carrying next season includes Mike Commodore, Carlo Colaiacovo, Anton Babchuk, Adreas Lilja, Brad Stuart, Nick Boynton and Alexandre Picard.

Mike Commodore: GP 60 G 5 A 17 PTS 22 
Projections: GP 81 G 6 A 22 PTS 28
Mike will be my number 1 d-man while playing a very good defensive role along with descent offensive ratings

Carlo Colaiacovo: GP 51 G 3 A 19 PTS 22
Projections: GP 73 G 4 A 27 PTS 31
Carlo has been playing fantastic since joining the blues in the NHL and should be vital to the lightning offensive rush coming from the back end

Anton Babchuk: GP 52 G 6 A 11 PTS 17
Projections: GP 72 G 8 A 15 PTS 23
Anton has really come into his own since returning from injury and currently has 4 points in his last 4 games. I see him possibly reaching 28 points and possibly 10 goals which is more then what he is projected for.

Andreas Lilja: GP 58 G 2 A 11 PTS 13
Projections: GP 79 G 2 A 14 PTS 16
Lets be serious, i'm surprised Andreas has gotten this many points, I'll be glad if he's not held pointless the rest of the season. However, solid PK and 3rd pairing guy.

Brad Stuart: GP 46 G 1 A 7 PTS 8
Projections: GP 67 G 1 A 10 PTS 11 
Brad baffles me, has so many tools but yet doesn't produce, although somehow he seems to every year in the NEFHL inspite of his ratings. As long as he keeps on producing in NEFHL I don't care what he does in the NHL.

Nick Boynton: GP 55 G 4 A 12 PTS 16
Projections: GP 77 G 5 A 16 PTS 21
Nick is having his best offensive year since scoring 30 points 4 years ago, but lets face it, he's a great defensive guy and 21 point type ratings is more then I expected and will go along nice with his defensive game

Alexandre Picard: GP 46 G 6 A 8 PTS 14
Projections: GP 69 G 9 A 12 PTS 21
Alex seems to have fallen off the sens radar while not having played a game in quite some time since returning from injury. If he could work his way back into the lineup. His offensive ratings pro-rated to 82 games will keep him relatively useful on the team, however  his large salary will make him a burden to the team if he doesn't have good defensive ratings

The lightning defense is solid with a few guys that will be efficient on the PP and a few solid defensive guys. Perhaps a vet or two may be needed next season, we'll see on the re-rates

In nets, the Lightning expect to be backstopped by Jonas Hiller and Brent Johnson

Jonas Hiller: GP 31 Save % .922 Shutouts: 4
Projections: GP 41 Save % .922 Shutouts: 5
Jonas has played fantastic all season, so good that he stole the starting job from J.S. Giguerre. However while holding down the starting job, he struggled a bit and saw his save% drop .08% and has suddenly lost the job back to J.S.
I'm hoping that in the remaining starts he get, he'll re-raise his save% to a .925 and maybe get another shutout or 2 and possibly be around a 78 or 79 OV

Brent Johnson: GP 21 Save % .908 Shutouts 0
Brent is injured right now but already has more games played then last season with the same save%, should stick around 72 or 73 OV which will be solid for a backup

I'm not as strong in nets as i thought i was going to be when i thought that Hiller was going to be the starter in Anaheim, however i'll still be good enough to be a playoff team and who knows, maybe a trade will be in the works