That's right you heard it, 15 games into the 2009/2010 nhl season g.m. Paul Lamarche is calling out his team especially team captain, Patrick Marleau.
The lightning are currently sitting last in the eastern conference and before last in the entire league with a 4-9-2 record.
Looking at this roster on paper everyone knew that if the team was going to succeed everyone knew that star centre Patrick Marleau would have to lead the way and 15 games into the season he has done everything but that. He is currently tied for 6th in team scoring with 3 goals and 4 assists in 15 games played. To go along with that horrible offensive output he is a team worse -11.
"At 84 OV and with an 89 SC we sure as hell expected a shit load more out of our supposed to be team leader, hell I even brought in a couple offensively gifted forwards in Jason Pominville and Ray Whitney before the start of the season to try and help create some help for him on the offensive end!".
It is clear that Lamarche is definitely not happy with team's captain's play and I gotta think that perhaps this core of guys isn't going to cut it going forward and unless these guys start to show some signs of play like we all know they can, we may see some guys leaving town. 

Patrick Marleau had this to say " Yeah we're playing like shit, it's just not clicking out there. This team believes in each other and hopefully hard work will pay off." When asked about Cheechoo being waived and later picked up by the hawks last week Marleau had this to say: " It's tough, it's a business and when guys aren't performing changes are made. Has cheech been the worse player out there and deserve all the blame, definitely not, were all to blame! It's tough to see the kid go, I wish him the best in chicago and hopefully things start working out better!