Well it's Christmas time which is a crazy time, there's no hockey in the NHL and no hockey in the NEFHL which leaves time for family time! I don't think I'm allowed to use a word four times (no pun intended) in a sentence but I did and I'm ok with it. 

How about them lightning, 2nd in the division, 4th in the conference, 12th in the league and doing it all without one star rated player. I honestly couldn't tell you year to year what makes middle of the pack rated team do succeed or fail. To be fair I've mostly failed so I guess I know what to do to be a bubble team. I assume that's where we are headed, this is just a tease to seem like a playoff team and we'll drop to 9th in the division by the end of it.


I guess I should talk about some highlights? Jakub voracek is a stud, over a point a game playing on our second line. Who would've thunk it, grabbed him in a deal to save cap space when we traded Malkin, got him a some very low end assets and it turns out it's looking like actually won that deal. Go figure! 

Then there's the resurgence of Matt Duchene, again on our second line. Not quite having the same year as Voracek but he's doing awesome in the NHL. Hes over a point a game and has more goals than assist. it sucked losing Guentzle for him but I also got Keller who I like a lot and a young D in Minnesota who seems like a power house developing team at the moment so another trade that was worked out pretty well I guess. 

Goalie situation is decent. Got fleury on a very reasonable 2 year deal that looked like it might be a dud the way he started in the nHL this year but he's been playing great lately. Kinda disappointed about the bishop news but he's still got playable ratings and I think he'll be retired at years end? 

Anyway, it's Christmas Eve, I've got a mile long list of things to do and my girlfriend just got out of the shower and is yelling at me to get in the shower to get ready. Yes I sacrificed showering with her to write this but it was worth it to talk about the bolts! 


Merry Christmas everyone, love you all and hope you have an amazing safe holidays!