Well I guess if I don't want to start off next year with 3 strikes and at risk of being fired I should write some more articles. I won't be able to go on the forums, reply to PM's, negotiate trades or any of those other active things a GM does to make this league what it is for the next little while because the time I had to take to write this article will dry up all my available time. 

Now I have to figure out how to best use my available time for the rest of the season and off-season. I still have two articles to write, and I at the very least have to send a list of players to draft for the next entry draft. I can save quite a bit of time by just sending in a list rather than going to the draft so I guess live draft needs to be sacrificed. Posting on forums and engaging in talks about the betterment of the league seems to be less valuable than articles, so I guess if I have to choose one, the articles are more important. Responding to PM's  or even reading them doesn't seem to be an important thing so I guess that can buy me some time to do a little bit of scouting for my team. 

In reality, I don't understand for the life of me why some things are valued so highly and some things aren't. I absolutely love this league and think I'm a good participant yet I absolutely hate writing articles and because of it an amazing hobby is met with homework, deadlines and the threat of dismissal. 


On a side note, as predicted the lightning have been outscored 12-3 in the last two games and it looks like the tease of a playoff team is beginning it's annual return to the bubble team mediocrity. 

Ode to the new NEFHL, a rebuild can happen simply with cap space. Established players go for pennies on the dollar, heck you sometimes don't even have to participate in an auction, you just get them without any competition!