In somewhat of a departure from a new and oddly repetitive sequence, the New York Islanders will honor their one and only long-time General Manager Steve on Sunday, prior to the nightly simulated matchup against the radicalized Toronto Maple Leafs.

Unlike numerous honorariums to imaginary players who do nothing but appear as competitive avatars created by a few highly controversial lines of well-constructed computer code, the Islanders will honor a real actual human being.

Beginning in 2005, GM Steve has never missed a SIM and his cumulative strikes can be counted on the fingers of a single hand. Over the course of these long, frustrating 18 years of imaginary hockey, Steve has managed to compete with the best faux general managers that NEFHL has had to offer.

Many have come and gone. Many teams are on their 5th and 6th replacements. From Vanny to Kristen, the roadkill just accumulates. It takes a special mentality to endure the constant punishment associated with running a franchise in the New Era Fantasy Hockey League.

So with this in mind, when the games kick off on Sunday night, take a moment to pay tribute as Steve sends out his 1395th regular season lineup. In addition, Steve managed to set lines for 13 post season games, albeit has still never drank imaginary champagne from the imaginary Stanley Cup.

All these articles honoring players who do absolutely nothing except interact in a computer simulation are clearly intended to elevate the bankrolls of the authors.

In reality, Steve has not only managed the Islanders for the entire life of the league, but somewhere in the real world are 1395 empty vodka bottles that have been drained with great thirst and high regard.

Good luck this season guys!!