NHL Draft: 2022 – round 6, 166 overall – New Jersey Devils

NEFHL Draft: 2022 – round 3, 81 overall

It seems like Josh Filmon has gone through all the emotions in recent months. He was projected to be a 3rd rounder in the 2022 NHL draft but as names came off the board, his was still there. Round three went by, then round four, then round five, but finally, in round six his name was called.

What did Josh and his father have to say about that?

"(As it turned out) I was just really happy to go where I ended up," said Filmon, adding that he's felt increasingly more comfortable having now participated in the Devils rookie camp immediately after the draft and then the prospect tournament last month in Buffalo.

His father had some advice to give to his son. "It really doesn't matter where you're picked," said Gregg Filmon, after acknowledging his son was disappointed, annoyed even, to slip to the sixth round.

Source: https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/josh-filmon-coming-into-his-own--prospect-watch/c-336539464

So why did Josh Filmon fall in the draft? For the same reason as so many others. Size. Filmon is a twig. Draft guides had him at 6’1” and 155lbs. Fast forward just a few months later he’s playing at 6’3” and 165lbs for WHL’s Swift Current Broncos. Still not at the level he needs to be for the NHL. The family says they are all late bloomers physically with some of the men in his family at 6’6”. The height is less of an issue than the weight and strength.

But Peter, what makes him under the radar?

Short answer: Speed and skill. Despite playing for one of the worst teams last year he still led the team in goals and scored at a higher clip than others drafted well ahead of him. He has speed to burn and can play a decent 2-way game for his age.

So much so that the New Jersey Devils invited him to training camp and he impressed. Look at the New Jersey Devils today and the season they are having. Lots of skill, high tempo pace and strong forechecking. Teams that turn the puck over often find themselves down a goal. Filmon was part of that group for a bulk of training camp. A 6th rounder being one of the final cuts just a few months after being drafted on a team surprising many in the hockey world this year is extremely positive.

But don’t take it from me. Here’s what people following the team have to say:

Josh Filmon Was an Unexpected Standout

Source: https://thehockeywriters.com/devils-takeaways-2022-buffalo-prospects-challenge/

Filmon Looking Like A Late-Round Steal”

Source: https://thehockeywriters.com/devils-prospect-report-casey-moynihan-nemec/

So far this season in the WHL, Filmon is on pace to destroy his stats from last year and is on pace for 40+ goals playing all situations as a go-to guy. The Broncos are a middling team so they aren’t padding their stats nightly against inferior opponents.



He already has some NHL ready skills and the speed required so if he can bulk up between now and training camp 2023-2024, he might get 9 games in the NHL to start off. He wasn’t that far off already this year. The obvious lack of strength is what set him back. Usually a 6th rounder, IF they even get there, takes a few years of development before making the show. This guy had the talent but not the strength to stick with the Devils. If he can bulk up there could be a lot of teams regretting not drafting him earlier than the 6th round.



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