Today I got a message from Carter guiding me to the suggestions post regarding a vote for eliminating strikes for lack of articles. I have been fired before because of strikes received due to a lack of articles so I was obviously in favour of what Carter was suggesting. 

I am however a bit surprised about how many people want to keep the rule in place. Arguments such as "it's super easy to write a 250 word article 5 times in a while season" "for all the work JD does for this league we owe it to him to write these articles" "whatever Eric wrote, I didn't care enough to read something so long". 

I'll just say this, it is not hard to write a 250 word article but I'd rather write 25 ten word posts that people will read and comment rather than a 250 word article that maybe some will read but no one will comment on. 

Secondly, JD does do a lot of work and I'm the first to appreciate it all the time, heck I came up with the idea to join together and buy him a bottle of scotch so you can't say that just because I don't want to write articles that I don't appreciate the work JD does. I also show appreciation by doing my lines all the time, participating in all trade talks, showing up to the draft and just being an every day participant in this league. 

lastly, me not reading whatever Eric wrote is exactly why articles are so out of date. Things are constantly on the go and most people live a life that have lots of distractions. I'm literally writing this in the bar at milestones waiting for my girlfriend to finish work being anti social. 

I love this league and will continue to try and maintain my spot in it, just wish this wasn't a part of it.