I'm pretty happy with the play of the lightning so far. Seems like the caps are in for another great season so decided to check out their roster. 

I love the centre group. Matthews O’reilly and Barzal is nasty and a recipe for playoff success. 
I've always thought that having 3 good centres was a must for going deep in the playoffs. Barzal has the ratings to be a top 6 on most teams and having him to dominate the 3rd line and wreak havoc freshly on the PP and PK is a huge asset! Not to mention if there is an injury to one of the top 2 he's a great replacement in the top 6! 

They got great complimentary wingers to support their star centres. I'm not really sure how Guentzle doesn't have a "star" OV rating but he's a star offensive player! Hyman is a great complimentary piece as well with his great two way game. Throw in JVR and some nice role players, they are deep on the wing with options to move up and down the lineup! 

Vasilevski is obviously a stud! 

And then I saw a flaw, a big one at that. (Thank god!) 

That D is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. I know everyone here has different views on how important a defence is but I think this could hurt come playoff time. 

Zero D have EN over 80 which essentially mean none are top 4 in NHL. 1 has 60+ PA and 1 has 50+SC. There are a couple with over 75 DF (which is hard not to do). 

It’s an interesting strategy, can an awesome 2 way forward group and top 3 goalie mask a god awful defence? So far it looks like it can, in the regular season anyway!