This year hasn't been my favorite. And it's not just cause I'm not winning. It's because I have serious doubts I can build a cup winning roster with the current dynamic ratings. I've been in sim leagues for most of my adult life, FHL sim specifically and have won a lot of championships. I'll tell you it takes some planning to win it all, rebuilders go for it too soon, disaster, rebuilders wait to long to compete, disaster but one thing I consider the most important in any league I am in is understanding of how the ratings work in the sim.

I used to have that here, but honestly have no idea what players are going to be rated from year to year. When dynamic ratings were first proposed, it sounded like an instant update of players ratings which sounded really cool. But what we currently have is a delayed, hard to understand bunch of numbers that go up 1 one day then down 1 the next.

In the past I would be able to plan a season ahead by looking at current season NHL stats. For teams looking to come out of the dark it was a great way to make moves that prepared you for the next season. Likewise you could also tell if your team was gonna be shit and allowed you to plan accordinly. Don't even get me started on contracts which are tied to OV which now fluctuates from some magic AI only JD and perhaps Jason understand.

I don't think I am alone in this feeling and while the original proposal from JD sounded cool, I have serious buyers remorse. I think the league should have a vote on keeping dynamic ratings or returning to the old way. It's not a matter of work imo since the ratings get updated from a script so instead of doing that daily it's done at the end of the season. I think we have had enough of a sample size to love it or leave it.

Do you guys really love dynamic ratings? Am i just an old fossile on this topic?