The Leafs are now cemented in an all Canadian cup final against the Calgary Flames. Does that sound familiar?

Rewind back to 2019. It was a Toronto Calgary cup final where the Leafs got their first cup in NEFHL history beating the Flames in 7 games. What's even more eerie is that both Toronto and Calgary took very similar paths to the finals as we are seeing this year. The Leafs beat out the Sens, Caps and Jackets in 2019 and again this season but switch Sens for Lightning. Meanwhile the Flames beat out the Coyotes, Blackhawks and Canucks in 2019 and again this season. The Leafs were an 8th seed in 2019 and a 7th seed this year. 

Goaltending. On paper advantage Leafs. However Mike Smith is playing out his mind. 
advantage - Leafs 

Defense - Leafs have the best player in Hedman in the series but the Flames have more depth and higher quality. 
Advantage- Flames

Offense - Flames have the better high end guys with Rantanen and Marchand leading the way but the Leafs have tons of depth and part of the reason they are here. Leafs have 12 players in double digit points while the Flames 6. 
Advantage - None maybe slight lean Calgary 

Now everyone if you want to know who will win the 2023 NEFHL Stanley cup. Go and grab any coin. Flip it up in the air. Catch the coin. Turn it over. If it's heads the Leafs will win. If it's tails the Flames will win. I just flipped my loonie and got.......


Heads. Let's go Leafs