Last December, out in desperation, the league needed a new pilot for the Jets in Winnipeg.  They decided to close their eyes, pinched their nose and then, they chose GM Lemyre.  Coming with the new regime, a new way to construct the team is to be foreseen. It’s just normal that the new boss wanted to have it his way! If the team wins, he is the good guy. If they lose, they will find somebody else to run the show! 


The following is a list of players/assets who came in out of the organization since the arrival of GM Lemyre: 


In : Bryan Rust, Vladislav Gavrikov, Jordan Harris, Brandon Duhaime, Connor Bunnaman, Tye Kartye, Tyler Wall,  Seamus Casey, WPG 2023 Rnd 1, DET 2024 Rnd 2, NYR 2023 Rnd 3 and $500,000

Out :  Bo Horvat, Erik Johnson, Blake Coleman, Lukas Cormier, Luke Evangelista, WPG 2023 Rnd 2, NYR 2023 Rnd 3


Upon his arrival, the team quickly found success and were playoffs bound for awhile but after a couple of key injuries and losing Kucherov for almost a month forced the GM to look at getting back this years first rounder and hope for the best for next season. Trading Coleman was probably the toughest, he is a sim beast but the team had too many free agents and needed to cut salaries.  Duhaime is already a fan favorite because of his intensity and the 2nd rounder next year should be good. 


Some were surprised about the Evangelista trade but seeing his ratings right now, he would not have been helpful next year anyway and the development team seems very happy with Casey's progression. So areKartye and Harris.


Right now, Kucherov is on the block but no one has reached the Jets organization yet! It’s weird because he has such a great ratings set. The 5 millions dollars tag shouldn't be a problem plus, he is only 29 years old.


The Jets are always open for business and they want to let the league know.


Take care everyone!