After the draft lottery a couple of weeks ago, where nothing happened for the Jets, the team still own the 10th overall pick. A very good pick!


The consensus now is that this year draft is loaded with top quality forwards but surprisingly no goalie could be selected at all in the first round. The first defensemen chosen should be Austrian Reinbacher followed closely by the smooth skating Swedish Sandin Pellikka. Should the Jets GM be tempted to take one of these 2 defensemen?  Where some scouts even ranked them out of the top 15, even top 20!  Maybe ! Maybe not!


If you have read the other article that was just posted about the 2022-23 Jets trades history, GM Lemyre has already traded a quality forward Evangelista for smooth skating defenseman Seamus Casey.  Not comparing the American with the other two 2023 draft eligibles but it would only make sense here to select a forward.  If Dvorsky happens to slip (doubtful) to number 10, he should be the obvious choice. Otherwise, the team might be tempted to trade down and go with either Leonard, Moore, Wood or even Sale.


In a sim hockey league parallel universe, the Jets owner had once the 1st overall and traded it away for an immediate help (Thomas Chabot).  Will they be tempted to do the same, again? Why not ! They have a strong top 6 in front but need a quality top 4 dman. If the price is right, they would do it.  Otherwise, free agency will have to be the way, for this year at least.