For the Power Rankings I use a variety of rating groupings and rank them. One of them is a players ability to produce offense. Since I had these setup anyway, I was curious to see who the top in each category was. Here are the top 10 offensive threats in the NEFHL:

#1 Connor McDavid - Kings - He has the offensive flash, including maxing out both scoring and passing, but is also the fastest player in the league. He's not #1 in puck control with how the ratings work, but he does also have top end DF at 80 so will be hard for anyone to catch him. He also has 93EN and 99DU so not going down easily. The easy leading candidate for Art Ross trophy.

#2 Nathan MacKinnon - Avalanche - Nate's not far behind in passing or scoring, and does max out at 99 puck control. He's only 1 off McDavid in speed and is the stronger player.

#3 Auston Matthews - Capitals - Auston tops out in both scoring and puck control, while also being fast and 76 strength. Will be in the running for the Richard.

#4 Roman Josi - Sabres - Roman will be leading the Sabres charge and is a good bet on Norris if he can produce the way he can. 93 scoring and 96 passing will be tough for opposition to handle, particularly on a power play where he shines.

#5 David Pastrnak - Panthers - The first of two Panther snipers in the top 10. He has maxed out puck control and scoring and a major threat for the Richard too.

#6 Alex Ovechkin - Penguins - Not only does Ovi have perfect scoring rating and 97 puck control, he's also the toughest (99ST) and most intense (70IT) player of anyone in the top 20. He's my top bet to win the Richard, particularly if paired with Crosby for an elite offensive duo of all time.

#7 Leon Draisaitl - Stars - Leon is maxed out with 99 scoring, but is high for both passing (87) and puck control (84) as well. He's one of the top defensive centers with the 80DF as well.

#8 Cale Makar - Golden Knights - the 2nd dman to make the list and is a super sniper from the blueline, with maxed out scoring to go with 84PA and 85PC. The 82SP will help him make up for his defensive lapses to try for more offense. Also the youngest in the top 10.

#9 Kirill Kaprizov - Panthers - The Panthers 2nd sniper in the leagues top 10 helps give the Panthers flexibility to find the lines that work best to maximize both their production. He has 97 scoring to go with 94 puck control.

#10 Mikko Rantanen - Flames - A big power forward with 95 scoring and 88 puck control is sure to put up some goals. Mikko will be leaned on a lot in Calgary for offense and he's a guy that can take it on with 92 endurance and durability to help ensure he stays in the Art Ross race.

HM: Jack Hughes, Matthew Tkachuk, Jason Robertson, Nikita Kucherov, Timo Meier, Erik Karlsson, Tage Thompson, Alesander Barkov, Max Pacioretty, Kyle Connor